Joe Bogle

December 15, 1968: a date which will live in infamy.

The Eagles were having a miserable season under Joe Kuharich, who may have been the most disliked coach in team history. The team started off the season 0-11 (back then they played 14 games).

The lone bright spot was that the team would be in position to select O.J. Simpson (yes the Bronco guy) with the first overall pick in the 1969 draft.

The Eagles then went on a two-game winning streak and lost out on the first pick. So even when they won, they lost.

The season ended around Christmas time during that era, so every year they would have a half time show. This particular season, the older Santa became ill and couldn't make the halftime show. In stepped in 20-year-old Frank Olivo.

Some say he was drunk, but my father who was in attendance said the reason for the snowball attack was more towards the "Iggles" organization then to the shabby Santa they were forced to watch.

Fans threw snowballs at Olivo because the GM and owner were not on the field at the time. Between 1962 and 1968, they had no winning seasons and just one winning season between 1962 and 1977. Fans were frustrated.

Fast forward to 2011, 43 years later, and people are still talking about this incident.

I understand it's easy to bring this up. Not many times do people throw snowballs at opposing teams or fans.

Yep. Hardly ever.

This is a good one. Two fans run onto the field and get pelted with snowballs.

But lets go back a few years.

•  April 25, 1976: Two fans run onto the field in Los Angeles and try to set fire to an American flag in centerfield until Rick Monday snagged the flag from the fans.

•  June 4, 1976: After an incident during a playoff game between the Boston Celtics and Phoenix Suns, a fan attacked a referee because he didn't agree with the call.

•  July 12, 1979: "Disco Demolition Night". Chicago DJ Steve Daul and owner Mike Veech needed more spectators for games so they came up with an idea. Fans would go onto the field between a doubleheader and burn records of Disco music. Not a bad idea, until the fans set Comiskey Field on fire, tore up the field, and the second game had to be cancelled.

•  December 23, 1979: 11 years after the Santa incident, players from the Bruins jumped into the crowd at Madison Square Garden after a player was struck by a fan. The Bruins fans beat the fans to a pulp and Mike Milbury beat one of the fans with his own shoe.

•  January 19, 1980: Pittsburgh fans drenched Glen Sather in beer and he climbed into the crowd.

•  April 26, 1986: A fan threw a bowie knife at infielder Wally Joyner, hitting him in the leg.

•  We all know about the Tie Domi incident with the fan jumping into the penalty box after being sprayed by Domi, but how many remember the incident of the Oilers fan pouring beer and popcorn over the head of the Flames coach?

•  September 19, 2002: A father and son ran onto the field at Cellular Field and pounded 54-year-old first base coach Tom Gamboa, the son carrying a knife in his pocket.

•  October 11, 2003: A Fenway Park attendant got into a fight with two players from the New York Yankees.

•  After a controversial play during the 2004 series against the "Red Sawx", Yankees fans made it rain with beer bottles, baseballs and whatever they could get their hands on.

•  Everyone remembers the Phillies fan puking on the little girl at a Phillies game. This was perfect fodder for the bloggers and uniformed in the Internet world. They threw every Phillies fan under the bus because of this ass, but they don't bring up the fact that there were 3 million fans in this city who wanted to kill this puker.

These were just a few examples of assholes in each city. It happens in big cities and it happens in small cities. There are thousands of stories I didn't even mention.

"Fans' minds are already changed and you'll never change it."

Well that's not true. I've changed many a fans' minds about Philly fans. They realize we're not all mongoloids who swing our bats and spit on children. But I guess the ones who are small-minded will never have their minds changed.

I mean, we still can't convince them that Santa isn't real.