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This is an article written in response to the article below from The Bleacher Report;



Let me start off saying that there is no excuse -- absolutely none for Saturday's reprehensible performance against the Pittsburgh Penguins. So I am not writing this article to come up with phantom reasons as to why the Pens treated my Flyers like Glass Joe from Nintendo's Mike Tyson's Punchout.

No, instead I am writing this response because a certain article covering Captain Mike Richards' postgame interview came to my attention and set me off like an atom bomb.

BleacherReport.com writer, and Penguins fan, Alison Myers titled an article of hers, "Philadelphia Flyers Captain Mike Richards Is A Sore Loser". She goes on and on about how Richie whines and complains, noting certain quotes such as, "If Sidney Crosby fights Daniel Carcillo, maybe I’ll fight (Matt Cooke)", and "It’s tough when you play Pittsburgh. They’re going to be falling down easy"

Literally, my mind is running at the speed of light with the amount of hypocritical bullshit she's laid on the line.

She has the audacity to say that Mike Richards is a sore loser for whining and complaining when her Captain Sidney Crosby is notorious for shedding more crybaby tears than Veruca Salt!

I don't mean to turn this into another Crosby hate-fest. In fact, I think it's been so overdone it's beginning to sound like a "Why did the chicken cross the road" joke.

But let's face facts; Richards has more heart pounding from his 190 LBS frame than that entire Pittsburgh bench. There isn't a snowball's chance in hell that the Penguins leadership could captain its way through a 3 games to 0 deficit like the Flyers did against the Bruins in that epic post season series last year. 

I haven't once heard him complain about too many hats being thrown onto the ice after an opponent biscuits a hat trick in their own barn, PLEADING with officials to make an announcement, "Oh please, Mr. Official. There's too many hats. Can't you say something, pwwwweeeease!?!?!".

I haven't once heard Richards whine that a defense is hooking and bear hugging like Crosby did when he and his overrated group of peons lost it to the 8th seed Montreal Canadiens last post season.

Btw, Alison -- the Flyers took care of them in 5 games for ya. Chew on that and swallow.

I've never seen Richards take 800,000 dives early in his career or acting like he had a grenade set off under his pads after getting a slight check against the boards.

I have yet to see Richards get voted more than Crosby for being the one player who complains and bitches the most. Crosby, of course, winning by a goddamn LANDSLIDE, 52% of the votes.


Next, Alison belts out in her comment section with this gem; "A whiny captain for whiny fans. Can't wait till the Flyers go golfing yet again this season!"

Now, is it me or did the Flyers make it to the Stanley Cup last year while the Penguins roster spent time swinging 5 Woods, nursing their wounds and watching the Lord Stanley on their television sets? Oh, unless of course she's referencing the Flyers losing out 2 years ago, in which case, I'll step aside and let her ass live in the past.

And there she goes again about the whole "whiny captain" crap which just makes me chuckle and shake my head.

Okay, "whiny fans"? I have no idea where she gets off calling the Philadelphia Flyers fanbase "whiny". I personally have no idea where Alison gets off saying ANYTHING about our fanbase when the Penguins were close to moving to Kansas City because their game attendance was abysmal.

Say what you want about Philadelphia's rough and tumble crowd, but we've never allowed our attendance to drop below 7th in the NHL in the past 10 seasons. In 2003-04, you [Alison] were the laughing stock of the league, allowing your attendance to drop to the bottom of the barrel at 30th.

So what am I getting at? Your city wasn't aware they had a hockey team until Sid the Kid started dropping his tears all over the ice and winning games.

But I'm getting off track here. I figured I'd stick up for my city against some biased, fairweather walking, talking piece of garbage.


What is there to say about Mike Richards' interview? He was composed, he acknowledges Pittsburgh's skill and all the man advantages we gave them. In my opinion, Richie is a man who just 10 minutes before that had to skate off the ice in disgust after getting CRUSHED by a rival team, so he's got every right to be upset and adgitated. And you [Alison] are going to jump on his case because he didn't want to continue the interview?

Richie didn't agree with a call. So what? Is there something wrong with believing a player [Lovejoy] fell down a little too easily drawing a penalty? Maybe you weren't listening, but Richards also said that he may had been a little too aggressive during that play.

Not once did I see him come off as a complaint filled baby like you made him out to be in that horrendous article of yours.


*   *   *


So congrats, Alison, I bought into your underhanded verbal escriment and I've probably wasted my time doing so. Not to mention added another chink in my image's armor responding to your pathetic opinion's existense.

Like anyone who is associated with you would say; "It's a dirty job, but someone's gotta do it".


* * *


(Author's Note)

I threw a link to this article up in Alison's comment field. This was her response.



Below is Richards' post game interview. Maybe you agree with me, maybe you agree with Alison. Maybe you have a different opinion altogether.

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