Michael DeNicola


I'm certain Ilya Bryzgalov signed on board with the Philadelphia Flyers because we have rich history as a team, a city and a fanbase, along with the fact that, yes, despite losing Jeff Carter and Mike Richards to trades this off season....we do have a great chance at making a deep run into the playoffs with this current roster.

And given the interviews and attitude Bryz has expressed since jotting down his Herbie Hancock on that contract of his, I believe he'll have an excellent game face leading the locker room onto the ice.

But thanks to BroadStreetHockey.com's recent posting of an Ilya interview, I got a good chuckle this morning.

"Money is just a piece of paper. The most important thing in life is the knowledge you have and how you can put it to use," Bryzgalov says.


Money is just a piece of paper....

I'm speechless.

Look, Ilya's done a lot of good during his months away from the game. He began that camp for young goalies in Russia, he's taken a trip to Philly and said nothing but wonderful things about our pride and joy...I dig the guy. But he doesn't have to blow more smoke up our asses than a signal fire with a statement like that and the portion of the cap his contract feasts on.

"You need to win a lot to be great. You should have your chest full of medals and fingers full of rings and then you’ll be great. I don’t think I’m even close to that yet."


Very noble, Mr. Bryzgalov. You're like a modern day Gandhi.

As I - and every fan of the Flyers - understood it, $51M and a $5,666,667 AAV is not often handed to an okay'ish player. That kind of coinage is offered to GREAT players.

I don't know if Ilya's trying to create some sort of insurance just in case he doesn't live up to his contract's hype or not, but if the worst case scenerio were to develop....that bullshit won't float, sir. You will play great because you're paid great.

Maybe I'm just blowing this out of proportion, but when it comes to the Philadelphia Flyers and Goaltending, it's a bit more of a complicated issue than the norm. This wasn't an entirely stupid thing to say, but when your payday can be celebrated by purchasing three yachts and a Babe Ruth game-worn jockstrap, then perhaps mentioning how little importance money can be is enough to deserve a few open palm slaps to the kisser.