Michael DeNicola


[27-April, 2011] Now that the 2011 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs are completely out of the picture, New York Ranger, Sean Avery, can focus his attention on his true craft --



As the womans consumer market continues to boom, Tough-Guy Avery and worldwide fabulous shoe designer, Jimmy Choo, have crossed streams and joined forces in introducing the all new Blue Line Uggs

The fresh look is a combination of Uggs' reputable comfort, and mechanically effective hockey skating all rolled into one cute number. 

"This will take the hockey world by storm," Choo claims between Cupcake Wars commercial breaks. "Sean is a very insightful individual and knows his skates. I know my shoes. What could go wrong!?"


Sean Avery is no stranger to the world of clothing and catwalks. This fashionista once graced his presence with Vogue Magazine in 2008 as an intern during the off-season.

"Yea, I'm positive these Blue's [Blue Line Uggs] could do every NHL'er a world of difference. Hell, it may even make Marty's ass look smaller," Sean told PhillyReign.com. "The skates not only dig through the ice for more speed better than anything else out there, but its design also eliminates all elements against a skater from decelerating quickly. Perfect for when some dipshit's not looking along the boards.

"When you're out there for 15, 20 minutes a game your feet get achy or numb. The soft lining within these Uggs completely dispose of that inconvenience. Like having cherubs massage your tolanges all regulation long."


When asked what he'd do with his earlier blades, Sean cameback with, "Whoever wants my sloppy seconds is welcome to have 'em."


Choo and Avery (now nicknamed in the fashion-world, "Ah-Choo") were proud to inform the public that the Blue Line Uggs will be hitting shelves this August, or in Choo's words..."Quicker than a gerbil outta trouble".