Michael DeNicola


Ladies, it's that time of year again when you do not set your drink down and walk away from it if Jeff Carter's within 50 feet of the beverage's proximity. 

That's right; The season's ended, and that means one thing -- Carter's Jersey-bound for another three months filled with more breasts, booze and shame than Bill Clinton's take in office. 

If you didn't already know, Carter is bayfront during the summer time where he's been known to party like Robert Downey Jr.....minus the cocaine.....we hope. 

And with a freshly signed $58M, 11-yr extension with the Flyers, I expect the beer to flow, the nipples to show, and the noise complaints to grow. 

Puck bunnies, 18 year old females and sorority sluts will be welcomed with open zippers.


Last year, Crossing Broad posted this article which gives you a visual of Carter's sunshine estate. But I'll bet you a roofie colada now that Jeff's salary has more than quadrupled, his bay side deck will look something like this by mid July...















So my hat's off to you, Jeffro. Enjoy the tans, the highlights, the easy squeeze and the penicillin. 

See you in October.