Michael DeNicola


So last night wasn't Big Bad Ben Eager's best performance after serving a life's sentence in the sin bin all regulation long and became Public Enemy #1 in Vancouver. 

But ya gotta love Canucks fans who express their hatred with STYLE!!! 


Game 2 of the Western Conference Finals had blood, heated arguments, physical play, and an excellent set of pierced sweater cows.

Just after Eager put one past the Brick Luu Wall, he got pointed towards the Penalty Box where he'd take a seat for a 2-minute minor. Though the traditional Green Men are no longer rubbing their crotches against the box's safety glass, one female Canucks fan took it upon herself to lift her blue Vancouver sweater and expose the ol' chandeliers then ham them against the glass like Eager was Joe Francis. 

I guess you could say she was one eager exhibitionist? Waaa waaaaa waaaaaaaaa waaaaaaaaaaa....        

Say whatever the hell you want about our nation's northern neighbor, but there's something in Vancouver's water that makes immaculate tittage. And after that, Eager got a couple dozen "slashing" penalties handed down to him. 


You can see the unedited photo here.