Sir Joseph Bogle


Year after Year, the Commissioner awards the best Trophy in all of sports to the team that has won a grueling 16 games..and year after year he gets booed, whether it's a home team, or an away team that wins it.

Well, that tradition needs to end.

No, not the awarding of the Trophy of course, but the guy who hands it over. I have had this idea for years and I feel now is the time to implement it.

I feel the Stanley Cup should be handed to the Captain of the winning team by a legend from that
teams organization. I think home fans, or fans of the opposing teams would be hard pressed to boo if a legend, or a former great, hands the Cup to the Captain. Can you picture seeing Canucks fans booing Bobby Orr giving the Trophy to Zdeno Chara? Maybe, maybe not. Mario Lemieux to Crosby, Bobby Hull giving the Trophy to Jonathon Toews last season etc. Imagine the reaction by Flyers fans, when they finally win it, and the guy giving the Cup to Mike Richards, is Bobby Clarke? 

Some teams are not rich in history like the Bruins, Hawks or Flyers.. Then what? The Blue Jackets win the Cup, well, who is their legend? If that's the case, the Captain of the previous winning team can award the Trophy to Rick Nash.

The possibilities are endless. The days of Gary Bettman trying to speak loudly into a microphone while being booed on National TV during the finals, should be ending.



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Michael DeNicola


Joe has this genius ability to bring an idea to light that forces his reader(s) to question their original opinion of an issue no matter how deep seeded it is in their psyche. He's like a Jedi with his mind tricks -- unearthing, shaking and sometimes changing the very rooted dispositions from the abysses of our innermost selves. 

At least with me, anyways. 

We've seen him do so with his Bettman article; A man I sureley hated with all my soul but now realize he's done more good than harm for this league. We've seen Joe take a major risk and question whether Kate Smith's video presense during God Bless America even still holds the same hair-raising feeling anymore, and perhaps it's time we only use her when we TRULY need her. And last, but not least, Joe has written a letter requesting this historic Flyers club welcome back one of their greats for the Winter Classic in Philadelphia come 2012. 

Today is no different. 


For the majority of Gary Bettman's tenure as NHL Commisioner, he has been booed by attendance during every and any ceremony he's stepped in front of. Whether that be the NHL Draft or the goosebump-growing handing over of the Lord Stanley Cup. 

The Draft? Whatever. I get a kick out of that. But there's nothing more beautiful or rich with history than that 35 inch, 34 pound shiny masterpiece. And even though I have not been alive to see my team raise it above their heads, I without a doubt still get chills seeing it lifted no matter who the team is doing so. 

Except Tomas Kaberle. I don't know about you, but that chinless, beak nosed bag of rat crap deserves nothing. 

*AHEM!* Sorry 'bout that. 

So I believe Joe Bogle is going somewhere with this point. An entire crowd booing while the Stanley Cup is being brought out, introduced and handed over is a disgrace to hockey and hockey fans as a whole. No matter WHO is on the mic handing it to the winning Captain. 

Asking fans from now on not to boo Bettman at the deciding game of the Stanley Cup Final is like asking Grizzly Adams not to hurt himself while wiping his ass with a porcupine. So now maybe it's time to implement Bogle's idea which not only eliminates the disrespecting boo birds, but adds another level of specialness to the Cup moment. 

Hopefully this idea of Bogle's reaches the right eyes and ears, and some day we'll all be able to share a cheerful moment of history with our children rather than trying to explain to them why all this hatred could possibly surround the most beautiful trophy awarding epoch in the world.