Sir Joseph Bogle


January 1st, 2010 -- One of the best days of my life, when it comes to sports. My fiance Sandi and I took a trip to Boston for the NHL's annual Winter Classic.


We had always talked about seeing the legendary Fenway Park, but we had never expected to see our beloved Flyers actually playing a game there. When we heard the news of the Flyers competing in the Classic, we both said "We're there!" Our expectations, on attending the game and pre-game festivities, were so high we were hoping we weren't going to be disappointed......and they were exceeded!


Sandi (San) and I wanted to make sure we didn't miss a thing, so we arrived at Fenway about 4 hours prior to gametime. In the park on Yawkey Way there were games, giveaways, and a chance to meet Jim Craig, 1980 Miracle on the Ice goalie (We said "Nah, rather mingle with some Flyers fans instead").

There was tons of Bruins fans giving us a hard time because of the Patriots and Red Sox doing well (which I felt was odd considering the Phils were Champions a couple seasons prior to this). There was Eric Superfan making his rounds, saying hello to fellow Flyers people. It was an electric atmosphere!


This is one of the many reasons I can't wait for the Winter Classic to be held in Philadelphia.


Back to the Classic in Boston -- The game was actually secondary to all of the Pomp and Circumstance that preceded the game. Dropkick Murphys sang "Shipping up to Boston" and they killed (of course), James Taylor singing Our National Anthem, a Stealth Bomber flew over head. Bobby Clarke and Bobby Orr had the ceremonial face off (which was a HUGE thrill for me, seeing

these two warriors squaring off once again. I was hoping to see maybe some bad blood boil over from their 1970s battles and have to be separated but this wasn't a movie, unfortunately).


On to the game, it was a rather boring hockey game actually. The Flyers only goal was scored by Danny Syvret but the interaction between rivaled fanatics was fantastic. Back and forth went the "Lets go Flyers!" and "Lets go Bruins!" chants. Which were both loud and both were classic. We also sang "Sweet Caroline" (A Boston favorite, hey, when in Rome) during a third period commercial break when Denis Leary and Lenny Clarke took the mic.


I would say it was a 60/40 ratio of Bruins to Flyers fans but 100% of the fans all chimed in with the "Yankees Suck" chants, booing in unison when a commercial showing Sidney Crosby was played on the big screen in center field.

I knew we'd all find something in common on this cloudy winter day.


This was an amazing day. I hope every single person reading this will be able to attend a Winter Classic at least one time in their lives. If that day happens to be January 2nd, 2012, when the tilt is in Philly, I hope you will also attend the biggest kick ass tailgate that will be hosted by the crew of; time to be announced at a later date.