Michael DeNicola



Tonight at 7:00pm the Flyers take on the Ottawa Senators in Philadelphia. Starting in net for the Orange Crew? The Siberian Stopper, Sergei Bobrovsky.


Once the puck drops, Sergei will officially make his 10th consecutive start in goal which leads to the question -- When is it TOO much?

Granted the 22-year old Russian net tender is 7th in the league for GAA and 5th in SV%, not to mention standing on his head making save after crazy save, but this many starts in a row takes its toll on a player's durability no matter how young he is.

The Philadelphia Flyers stumbled over a diamond in the rough with Bobrovsky, and the last thing this squad needs is another injury issue between the pipes.

Don't get me wrong, I'm psyched he's getting the nod from head coach, Peter Laviolette again, but every lightning fast move Bob makes potentially carries the possibility of a groin injury. Perhaps I'm being too worrisome?

I'm not trying to jinx Sergei in any way. I'm merely playing the role of a mother figure.

(Maybe not my best analogy?)

Either way, my argument is this; with backup goalie Brian Boucher in net the Flyers never really gave him any goal support so we'd lose games potting less than two or three pucks an evening. Now that the Flyers offensive attack is hot and averaging just over four goals per game, maybe it's time now to test Boucher back in net before Sergei's body gets the best of it taken away.

I realize Bobrovsky's confidence builds up each game by the payload and the city's adopted him as their savior in net (a position that's been left empty for NHL journeymen to fill for a quarter century), but I'm not all for being THIS aggressive and full-steam ahead this prematurely in the season.

I understand we're battling for the 1st place standing in our conference, and we're trying to get one hell of a significant lead in our division, but at what cost?


Look, if it means starting Boucher and keeping him on a short leash then I'm all for it. Anything to give Bobrovsky's body a rest.

Then again, Bobrovsky's only 22-years old and in prime conditioning shape. It's simple for a guy like myself - a 27-year old who hasn't played competitive sports for a decade - to say give the kid a rest. If I started just TWO games in a row the medics would have to scrape my lifeless, bloated carcass off the ice as I wheezed like Marlon Brando after a 3-hour stint at a Chinese buffet. 

So I'm more than sure Flyers-nation is happy I'm not making any decisions.


On top of ALL of this, Bobrovsky's scheduled to make his 11th consecutive start in net tomorrow night against the Canadiens in Montreal!

Like I said, maybe I'm just thinking too much about this. Maybe I need to chill out and enjoy watching the Flyers potentially continue their point streak.

Here's to Sergei Bobrovsky hopefully getting his 11th and 12th win in the next two days.