Michael DeNicola


So get this -- The Black & Gold fanatics that infest the New England areas believe that though our two teams are quite evenly matched, the Boston Bruins have the series already won because "Philly doesn't have any goaltending". 

We're all aware at how outstanding Boston's cageminding Tim Thomas has been all season long. His save percentage, nine shutouts and GAA standout as some of the best stats in the league's recent history. This article's not here to bash the aging goalie. 

The purpose for what you're currently reading is to make everyone aware of Brian Boucher's stats. Sure, we Flyers fans all shook our heads at the circus we had going on between the pipes throughout the QuarterFinals against Buffalo, but let's face certain facts here -- 


Now that the SemiFinals are approaching, we have the luxury of looking back to Round One's numbers. Out of all sixteen goalies that played/started four games or more, Brian Boucher faced 151 shots and is 3rd in goals allowed, 3rd in goals against average, and 4th in save percentage

All above Tim Thomas in those categories. 

GRANTED...Tim Thomas started and played all seven games against the Canadiens to Boucher's four starts and six games played. But I'm not trying to prove who's the better netminder here. I'm only trying to reassure certain worrisome fans out there in Flyerland, and make the naysaying Nostradamuses second guess their predicted outcomes. 

It's no secret the Flyers have their issues guarding the twine. Actually, it's nothing new either. But it's certainly not the cold hand of death that will strangle away any chance of the Flyers moving past the Boston Bruins and to the Conference Finals. 


Not to mention....does anyone remember what the hell happened LAST year????