Michael DeNicola



The Philadelphia Flyers went into Saturday night's match up versus the Toronto Maple Leafs with their hands hovering over, and ready to smash the panic button.

Up until then it seemed the team was playing like a bunch of individuals out on the ice instead of gelling together and forming chemistry. Even though some believed it was too early to start questioning this year's destiny, others like myself were more hysterical than a father witnessing his daughter leaving the household dressed sluttier than Bristol Palin.

It certainly didn't help my anxiety knowing we were up against a surprisingly hot Leafs squad. A great sigh of relief escaped the depths of my lungs once the game horn sounded and the Flyers finished on top, 5 - 2.


As I sat in my 14th row seat in section 118, sipping my non-alcoholic beve....pfffft, ba hahaha, sorry...I couldn't finish that sentence without laughing.

Anyways, as I sat in my chair watching the puck drop, my eyes eagerly went back and forth between our men on the ice and the lines getting ready to climb off our bench. I was looking for any sort of chemistry amongst the Bullies.

And chemistry is exactly what was presented to me.

Flyers goals came from Captain Mike Richards (his first of the season), Ville Leino, Blair Betts, Scott Hartnell and Danny Briere.


The Toronto blue line looked spooked and scattered leaving Leaf net tender, Jean-Sebastien Giguere, to stop 35 of 40 Philadelphia shots on goal. He certainly had his hands full all night.....and his net, nyuck nyuck nyuck.

But the one Flyer who seems to be coming into his own is Scott Hartnell. Let me begin with saying he finally cut that mop off his head. Lord knows, Aunt Bee is probably off somewhere knitting the homeless a cabin or something with those shorn locks.

Not only did Hartnell participate on positive note the whole 60 minutes, but he wasn't once called for some dumbass penalty, which leads me to believe that Peter Laviolette is really lighting a fire under this team to be more disciplined. And to top it off, Scotty Too Hotty sunk the rubber on a snap shot assisted by Mike Richards in the 3rd with more accuracy than a Navy Seal sniper rifle.


While all this Orange and Black mayhem was raining downward on Toronto, I had the luxury to rub the Flyers success in some annoying, drunk ass Leafs fan that sat a section to my right.

Of course this guy was the only Maple Syrup fan in his section, so I guess he took that as an opportunity to be one of the most agitating, loudest sons of a bitches he could possibly be.

Once the Leafs began getting on the board, ending the 2nd period only down a goal, 3 - 2, you couldn't pay him to shut up. What really got on my nerves was the friggin hat he wore. Ya know those winter caps with the ear flaps that you can either button up on the side of your head or let lay over your ears? Yea, that one.

So I deemed him with the nickname, "Cousin Eddie" from National Lampoon's: Christmas Vacation. That got a few laughs from the peanut crowd around us.

Mind you, neither he or I were belligerent. Just a couple of rivaled fans having their fun with one another. I know, I know...you wanted to hear that I dragged his silly Canadian ass outside and threw him around like Chris Brown on Rihanna. But at today's sporting events you must be able to keep yourself in control.

Of course, screaming "SIT DOWN, DOUCHEBAAAAAAAG!!!" after Toronto forward Phil Kessel snuck a goal passed Brian Boucher didn't help represent that self-control attribute very well.


*  *  *


So every now and again I allow my strongly over opinionated words and articles to really get me up against the wall, and it behooves me to admit when I said something stupid or if I jumped to a premature conclusion.

That time is now, my friends, and it's about that lovable little guy in Orange, Daniel Briere.

If you cannot remember, I have said in the past that Briere wasn't worth his $7M+ contract. Sure, he's coined "Mr. Playoffs" for a reason, but I want to see him be a major factor for the reason why we made it to the post season race for Lord Stanley.

So far Briere's shown me that he deserves his contract, netting five goals in seven games on this 2010-2011 road. The guy has simply been everywhere and led his line through an outstanding beginning.

Where does this leave me?

Standing in a corner, clapping my hands while my eyeballs dart back and forth to the fans around me gazing at my sheepish behavior.

"Is he worth every penny now, ya putz!?!?"

So, Danny....if you're reading....I raise my glass to you, and then I sip it to wash my ugly foot down my throat.



Check out tonight's game at 7:00pm as the Philadelphia Flyers visit the Columbus Blue Jackets on CSN Philly.