Michael DeNicola



Very, VERY rarely anymore do I get the chance to point at some hard evidence as to why this team profits from Daniel Carcillo still wearing an orange and black sweater.

Sometime between Carbomb being a healthy scratch in the Stanley Cup and when the 2010-11 season began, this team's fanbase went from loving a guy like Danny to downright being disgusted by his presence on the ice.

Last season his face was printed on hundreds of thousands of Flyers tee shirts, and his name and number worn throughout the halls of the Wells Fargo Center by its attendance. Today I'd be lucky if I found few who could muster even a reason that outweighs the indefinite liabilities left in his wake.

Recently Carcillo has been given praise from the play-by-play announcers for his low slot, physical occupancy. Say what you want about his temper, his minus-7 rating, and his baggage....I believe the young man has rebirthed his spot on this roster as a newly found disciplined 3rd or 4th line checker, and one who is quite effective to say the least.  

Aside from Boucher receiving Philly Reign's #1 Star of yesterday's tilt for his astounding 37 saves and 0.949 SV%, Carcillo receives the #2 Star for staying cool and collected while doing his job as a physical nuisance AND....pocketing a surprisingly statuesque backhanded spin-o-rama puck past Henrik Lundqvist. Which, I might add, was the GWG in yesterday's 4 - 2 Flyers win over the Rangers.

Still the naysayers will claim this is only one game and I should stop swinging from Carcillo's dangles already.

Never gonna happen. Why? Because I'm thick headed, and I still see a positive potential in Danny. Currently he's been playing extremely well against an opponent's scoring line(s) which I believe is the major reason why his +/- rating is the minus-7 I mentioned earlier.

Do I expect a sudden jump in Carcillo support? Absolutely not. In fact, I bet a majority of fans hope his recent contributions add to his resume and further aid to dealing him off this squad and out of our hair. It's a reality I cannot change and I'm willing to accept.

To be honest I enjoy being part of the Carcillo lovers minority. Because if Danny is somehow still on this team post-trade deadline and even next season, I'll be the one flashing my #13 sweater when he grows into the constructive force I know he'll soon become.