Michael DeNicola


Philadelphia Flyers beat writer Chuck Gormley (Twitter acct: @chuckspuckcom) is certainly living up to his Award-Winning profile.

He's been kicking so much ass on the Mike Richards front, that Tim Pannaccio's beginning to become a distant memory as a Flyers current news source. 

If you recall my earlier article on Richards vacationing in Cabo and giving Gormley an interview via cell phone, then get ready for another sliver of precious unknown 411:

Mike Richards had freakin' pneumonia throughout the QuarterFinals' entirety (per Gormley). 


Is it true? It's certainly believable. 

But why is all this floating to the surface now?

If you've been hiding under a rock or have just woken up from a one month coma, then you'd be surprised to find out that Richards has done everything in his power to duck the Flyers sports media and has battled with Tim Panaccio through Twitter...

...except Gormley.


Gormley's the Richie'Whisperer. He's managed to parachute in and successfully walk out with the goods like some kind of Black & Orange Navy SEAL team. 

But I STILL believe alcohol is a lot to thank. I mean, Richards is in Cabo. And I'm sure he's not there for an International Scrabble Competition. And we all know the affects of Grandpop's Old Cough Medicine.....you just vomit words that - when sober - you'd think twice before muttering. 

So either Richards really does have a great relationship with Gorms, or Chuck's sending another pallet of Crown Royal UPS Next Day Air to Cabo in hopes to score another rare opportunity. 


Panaccio's text to Richards : "I know a GREAT little den of iniquity down there in Cabo, Mike."