Michael DeNicola


Here's just a quick opinion; Settle down with all the Jeff Carter trade rumors. Move the whole "Re-Sign Leino!!" debate aside for a moment. And try your damndest to forget about the Clown Car situation we've got in the cage. 

Let's focus on Darroll Powe. 


It's no surprise that a 4th liner and PK'er is clouded over by all the hot Flyers topics since our 2010-11 season ended in misery. And I'm sure the suits upstairs aren't allowing it to completely expunge the smaller (yet very paramount) decisions they must make leading up to the next official puck drop.

There's several of these, however I'd like to convene everyone's attention to Darroll Powe.


The 5'11" Saskatoon native is crucial to this team's success whether anyone notices or not. Powe brings with him on the ice a weaponry consisting of speed, finished checks, and a physical element that's - for all practical purposes - hard to acquire in players of his stature. 

I like to call him THE posterchild for a 4th liner. The 25-year old has grit, tenacity and a hockey snarl. And with key PK players either injured (Lappy) or aging (Betts), Powe's re-signing has become (above all) the most important this off season. That's my opinion, of course. 

Darroll's young, his salary is/was not something ridiculous ($725K), and not prone to injury, knock on wood. In fact, he played 81 of the 82 regular season games in 2010-11. 

Let's also not forget Powe is a Princeton grad. That University isn't exactly the easiest to get into. Or graduate from, for that matter. Where am I going with this?

There's a reason sports teams consider their players' intelligence.


Powe's cognitive efforts have landed him a prestine education meanwhile applying it to the ice. His skillset has more than enough potential to keep growing, which one day, I believe, will make him one of the better players with hockey-smarts in the league. 

A hockey wisdom ahead of his youth, if you will. 


So you want Leino? Great. Trade Carter? You're an imbecile, but that's your opinion. Dump some salary (somehow) and pick up one of these seasoned UFA netminders? I'm right behind ya. 

But first, do this team and its future a favor; Re-sign Darroll Powe. Get it done. Get it over with.