Article written by Guest Writer, Tim March




In front of 19,012 mostly orange and black clad, the Flyers were sunk late on a controversial goal by Ryan Getzlaf.


With 1:46 left in the third the Anaheim center poked the puck past Sergei Bobrovsky after it seemed the young Russian had it covered. “I saw it go in” says Getzlaf. “I just needed the official to see it too.”


To much of the chagrin of the Flyers faithful the goal was allowed. The second review of the evening proved to be too much for the Flyers to overcome.


The building had a keen sense of optimism, a swagger if you will. Most of the fans knew what I knew, the Ducks are a poor road team. They were still looking for their first win away from the pond this year. The usual excitement arose as the starting lineups were introduced.


A few insults hurled at the Ducks brought several chuckles from a crowd just waiting to explode. Mr. Ducksworth was a jerk, duck tastes like chicken, watch out for the flying V, the usual jokes. But before you could say Aflac it was 1-0.


After a near miss from Jeff Carter the Ducks turned a counter rush into a wide open opportunity for Visnovsky. The puck bounced to Lubomir at the blue line. He walked into a shot that rose past a sprawling Timonen and up over the blocker side of Bobrovsky. Can’t fault the kid there.


Talk about taking the air out of a building. The attitude went from “here we go”, to “here we go again”. The Flyers seemed to get their legs under them a bit as the period wore on. The pressure became intense as the crowd seemed to sense something. Soon, Hartnell slid one past McIlhenney in very bird-dog like fashion, or did he?


Everyone inside the Wells Fargo Center saw the puck clearly over the goal line, and began the celebration, except for the man that matters.


The referee standing two feet away waved his arms emphatically, “no goal“. Here we go again. After a lengthy review and more than a few “ref you suck” chants, the goal was allowed.


Elation and relief came over the crowd. It didn’t last too long, as 6 minutes later a defensive meltdown that rivaled Chernobyl came to fruition. It’s not too often you get a one timer from 4 feet, but sure enough Jason Blake did, and he capitalized.


Again the crowd was deflated and began growing restless. The Flyers responded, shot after shot was fired at the Ducks net minder and he turned them away. The shots piled up and the Flyers began to carry the play a bit more in the second. The defense tightened up and, except a few instances, the puck was not in harm’s way.


The Flyers faithful could feel something coming, and it did. Claude Giroux took a Matt Carle pass across the blue line and fired a wrister at Mcilhenney. The first shot was stopped, but Giroux was not. He flicked a backhander up over the goalie’s shoulder and bulged the twine. The place erupted. “That kid is sick!” “Sign him now!” some fans shouted. Then the collective “ROOOOO” call that you could feel in your stomach.


The crowd was rejuvenated. The third period was more tightly contested as the shot totals evened out. After killing two penalties something needed to happen. Just not what did.


At 18:14 of the third period Ryan Getzlaf pushed a seemingly frozen puck past Bobrovsky. Only the Getzlaf and Perry celebrated. The crowd had no idea what was going on. After several replays there was still no definitive answer.


The referees convened.


“The ruling on the ice is confirmed, good goal.”


Good goal? Confusion set in over the crowd. He didn’t even make a call on the ice. How can he say good goal? Obviously the 19,000 referees did not agree, and they spent the remainder of the uneventful 1:45 serenading the zebras with the A-hole chant.


Seemed well deserved to me. The evening ended with disappointment and heart break as the boys in orange and black dropped their third straight at home.


All in all, not a terrible effort. Any time you outshoot a team 42-22 you know you carried most of the play. Unfortunately, it’s not the shots that count.


While I am on the topic of shots, I have several concerns with the Peco Power Play. More like a short circuit. It’s not too often I agree with the “SHOOT” chants raining down from above. It takes time to set up a good scoring opportunity on the power play. You have to find shooting lanes. However, on more than a few occasions I caught myself joining the chant as Carter or Leino twirled off the half wall into the slot only to pass.


Now, more than ever, with most fans pushing the panic button or having their finger on the trigger does the KISS method seem appropriate. Keep it simple stupid, if you have a shot take it. We don’t need highlight reel goals, just goals will suffice.


Until next time…GO FLYERS!!!!!!


Special thanks to Michael DeNicola and Tyler J. Altemose for the opportunity to share my opinions and fulfill a small dream of mine. Thanks Guys!!