Michael DeNicola


Maybe it's because I still have a rod up my ass from Saturday's loss. Maybe it's because this was one of the worst ideas ever. I'm going to go with a mixture of the two. 

Today around noon, Flyers fans came together on the deck of the Moshulu to toss a few bags of tea overboard into the Delaware River. Sort of a reenactment of the Boston Tea Party that took place in 1773, Boston, MA. 


Because these simpletons think it's funny, and/or for some reason believe it's a thumb in Boston's eye. 


"TAKE THAT, BRUINS FANS!", as one Philadelphian hucks a crate of Lipton over her head. 

I can just imagine Boston's reaction to this.

So what's going to happen next? Will Bruins fans all over New England start burning cheesesteak meat? Take a bell and smash cracks into it? Kick the living shit out of any old man resembling Benjamin Franklin? Piss on a painting of Betsy Ross? Wipe their asses with a copy of the Declaration of Independence? 

I dunno. What's this got to do with hockey? Absolutely f*cking nothing.