Michael DeNicola



Ya know what? The Versus channel can kiss my Orange & Black ass for not broadcasting a single Flyers/Devils playoff game this series, because last night's game was nothing less than awesome.

Philadelphia topped the New Jersey Devils last night, 2 goals to 1. They had an outstanding game from multiple weapons. Let's go through the list, shall we?;

The Flyers defense was incredible. I mean, you wanna talk about a team stepping up? This Philadelphia hockey season's been an emotional roller coaster, but last night they came together like Spartans. Chris Pronger not only opened a Devil wound with the first goal of the game, but he was all over Devils star forward, Ilya Kovalchuk, like Ben Roethlisberger on a sorority chick.

Brian Boucher continues to make me stick every pair of shoes, socks and sandals in my mouth by stopping 23 of 24 shots the whole evening. He even made plays on his head, and seemed to bring the momentum from last Sunday's playoff deciding game against the Rangers into last night's match up! It's apparent that this man wants the respect that his recent play in net deserves.

"But, Mike. What about the whole 'Boucher Sucks' train you JUST said you climbed aboard on?!?"

That train broke down and the conductor's friggen dead. I got one foot out the door, and the wet bar's gone dry.

To beat the Devils (who are primarily a defensive-core team) you must first score goals against them and play even better defense. That's exactly what was done last night. Like a python on a jungle rat, we got close, physical, and squeezed the life from the Devils offensive weapons.

And let's give a round of applause to Flyers tough man, Ian Laperriere! Did you see his assisted behind-the-back pass to Mike Richards who then creamed the puck past Martin Brodeur? It was like something out of a skills competition!

Although the Flyers only had 14 total shots on goal the whole game, they got the job done and the defense sealed the deal. I knew going into this game we had a chance, but I wasn't expecting to be this impressed. If we are able to stay this consistent (along with gaining more/better offensive chances) then I do not see any reason why this team could not go deep into this playoff run.

My hat is off to you Fly Guys!

But I am upset about one thing; I got into my car this morning and, naturally, I turn on sports talk radio....no one was discussing the Flyers win. Not those dipshits, Mike & Mike on ESPN, not 1210AM, nor 610 WIP. But ya know what, we watched, we're talking about it. We're living this. If those brain dead ass hats wanna talk about a tired debate about McNabb traded to the Redskins, or the Sixers (who are finally done....yes, we can all take a deep breath because basketball - the worst sport since cricket - is finally the F over), or the 8th Phillies game outta 162 goddamn games, then they can go right ahead. If they want to ignore the greatest sport, the greatest playoffs ever to be played before the sports-world gods, then just go right ahead. Their hockey knowledge is lousy anyway.



....oh, by the way....the Penguins lost.....YEEEEEEEEAAAAH!!!!!


Game 2 will be played in Stink Jersey on Friday @ 7:30pm. Don't miss it!


Below I added that wonderful Ian Laperriere assist to Mike Richards.