Michael DeNicola



I wonder if there was any action in last night's match up against the Ottawa Senators?

To say there wasn't any excitement in that game is like saying there's no sawdust in Bob Vila's beard.

Where to begin? How about I start 'er off with the first lit lamp...


In the third minute of the 1st, Danny Briere began the night with the first Flyers goal fed by that wicked blue line pairing, O'Donnel and Meszaros. From there, it was pure Philly domination.

Heading into this tilt, Ottawa had something to prove and much to be hungry for. We're all aware PhillyReign's writer, Tyler Altemose, picked this season's Senators squad to be the conference's dark horse and for a little while there it seemed as though he made the right choice. Lately these red & gold coats have been performing poorly and if they have any hopes in turning this season around then they'd better get it started now before it's too late.

I realized this - as I'm sure every Bully in our locker room did - prior to their meeting with us on the ice. Considering how there's more than enough evidence to show we've played down to much lesser teams this year, this game had me a bit nervous.

But after our Captain managed to turn the night into the Mike Richards Show, bucketing a deflection late in the 1st and then sending Lincoln into the penny jar on a PP wrister increasing the lead 3 - 0, I thought I'd finally have the chance to exhale and enjoy some more hockey with little worry.

Once again, I'm proven why this Flyers team keeps my butt puckered like a ballpoint pen.


Deep into the 2nd period Ottawa Senators Milan Michalek and Nick Foligno each snuck a puck past Sergei Bobrovsky like an illegal in an Astro Van. Both goals, only a little over a minute apart, cost the Flyers their 3-goal lead and once again put them against the ropes and the momentum up for grabs.

At this point I wasn't surprised. If you remember my review from the Rangers game a few days ago then you'll recall my ramblings about blowing leads, not being able to play with a lead, and how this season we've constantly skated on our heels with a lead. So yea, why shouldn't this be any different?

This is when the Flyers prove to be as great as their record says they are. It's about answering to this Ottawa comeback. It's about cutting the head off and burying it before it goes any further. And that's exactly what the Orange & Black did.


I know I've been quoted saying the 3rd period belongs to the Boston Bruins, but let me just say that, if only for one night, the final 20-minutes was owned by Philadelphia league-wide.

Three unanswered goals came off the sticks of Scott Hartnell (16), James van Riemsdyk (11) and Andrej Meszaros' third goal this season, his second in consecutive games. It was an old fashioned pillaging which the Flyers showed no signs of mercy or slowing down. It was a mission, and the objective of that mission was clear; Cut the shit and put these f*ckers away. They may one night turn their season around, but not now. Not tonight. NOT in our barn.


::dramatic fade to black sets in; low, deep tones from an orchestra vibrate the airwaves; smoke fills the room and the theme from 300 takes control of your eardrums::

(the following words should be read in Don LaFontaine's voice over)


Once in every hockey player's life.... ::deep breathing::

There comes a time when that man shares his blood with another.... ::swords clash::

Respect is not met by handshakes or peace agreements.... ::widow cries::

Instead.......with thrown bolts of lightning.... ::cue Flyers logo covered in blood::

On the evening of 20-January, 2011..... ::snow drift:: ......deep into the 3rd period..... ::the noise of cracking ice:: ......for the Philadelphia Flyers and the Ottawa Senators, that time....is now.....

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