Michael DeNicola


Kyle Scott over at CrossingBroad.com posted an article sometime this morning shedding light on a story I had no clue ever existed until today. 

"You probably already knew that the Flyers' 2010-2011 slogan was "With all of our will, we will." Well, they didn't, but that's besides the point. What you probably didn't know was that, according to a friend of the team (read what you will about a friend who had access to the emptied pocket trinkets of our favorite Finnish forward), each Flyer was given a coin emblazoned with the ominous slogan."


That coin was required to be carried on each Flyer at all times regardless if they're at practice, watching tape, or out on the town. If they "failed to present the coin during random checks...they were fined $400."

What's worse is that the coin has "2010-2011" with the Stanley Cup composed on the tails side.

My question about all of this is whose decision was it to implement this law within the Orange & Black comradery? Because that man deserves a swift kick to the pills. 

Most of you may not be supersticious -- and as a matter of fact, neither am I. However, I am a man who firmly believes in karma. Things that go around come around, right? Last season we all held our breath when Flyers Captain, Mike Richards decided to touch the Prince Of Wales Trophy after the team became the Eastern Conference Champions.

This whole Coin'gate does not help the naysayers' arguments against any theoretically bad juju. 

No wonder I never got laid until I threw out my "lucky condom" I purchased back in the 7th grade. 



Eric Superfan contacted me after reading the article letting me know that "the man in charge of that was Peter Laviolette . He told the story behind it at the town hall meeting."

Well that's just wonderful, Peter, thank you. I'm sure he was flipping said coin to decide who to start in net and who to scratch throughout our 2010-11 Cup run...


Update #2:

Boy, have I received some flack for this article. People believe I'm blaming this season's failure on a coin? Well, if that's the way I came off then that's my fault and I apologize for the confusion.

This season did not end the way we had originally expected because the team never recovered from injuries, the latter half of the season skid, or the unfortunate drama in net. But this is hockey -- those things happen. 

So let me make it perfectly clear that this article was posted simply because it was news I just found out and never knew of until over a month after our season ended. I figured fans would be interested to know (if they didn't know already) that the players were carrying this coin around and following orders.