Michael DeNicola



Since the Flyers began their 3-game winning streak against the Hurricanes on November 11th, they've outscored opponents 18-goals to 4.

You read that correctly.


Last night marked their third consecutive 'W' in a row, and they did so in another blowout fashion.

Two redirected tip-ins came off the sticks of Danny Briere and Darroll Powe (GWG), one PP goal shot from Claude Giroux off of a Mike Richards' botched pass, and then two more in the 3rd by the Captain, Mike Richards -- one of which being an amazing breakaway, shorthanded wrist shot.


Before last night's Philadelphia pillaging, the Senators had only lost once in the month of November (or 7 - 3 in their last 10-games) and looked to be another climbing Eastern powerhouse.

The Orange Soldiers had no issues putting that fire out with players like Claude Giroux, Mike Richards, stopper Sergei Bobrovsky, and a collected effort from our blue liners.


If you didn't get the chance to read my article yesterday after news broke out that Bob was getting his 10th consecutive start, then you missed how worried I was that Sergei's getting overused this early in the season.

Bobrovsky hasn't started more than 35-games in a single competitive season, and he certainly hasn't played against the high-powered talent like the NHL before this year. But the rookie tender had no problems stopping 28 of 29 shots, only allowing one "magic bullet" sneak under him from Senator forward, Jason Spezza, earlier in the 1st.

I never doubted that Sergei can continue this outstanding performance. What worries me is that his durability is being tested too early and it may bite us in the ass later down the road.

However, my exaggerated anxiety aside, Bobrovsky tallied up his 11th win of the 2010-11 season and shows no signs of wear & tear. His legs and pads that seem to move as quickly as pistons haven't slowed down behind a blink of an eye. With every passing minute of every game the young man's confidence grows larger than the Mother Russia he hails from. You'd be amazed at how this 6'2", 190-pound goalie manages to come far out of the crease and shrinks the opponent's target to holes smaller than the puck itself.

He is simply -- this Flyers teams' wet dream.


Claude Giroux is proving day in, day out that his contract extension is worth every word and digit on every page that's signed.

Although our power-play started off a little rusty, "G'Rooo" ended the 0-for-3 PP drought of the night sinking a mishandled pass from Mike Richards in the slot passed Ottawa goalie, Brian Elliot.

Giroux leads the Flyers with 10-goals, 11-assists (21-points). Claude ended last season with 47 points, and only 18-games into THIS season he's nearly accomplished half of that.


Our Captain, Mike Richards, scored 2-goals for the second straight contest and ends the night with 3-points and the 1st Star of the Game.

There's been more streaks put out from this Flyers team than Oprah's got in her underwear drawer. There's absolutely no denying that Philadelphia is the hottest and best performing team right now.

NHL Power Rankings have been dished from every hockey source since the beginning of October and as of this moment I'd shit myself with disgust if this week's didn't come out with the Orange & Black Crest taking stand as king of the hill.

I try to be as unbiased and objective as possible when it comes to reading the power rankings, but this time I cannot help myself. My Flyers passion is burning like Mel Gibson's phone receiver, and I won't be able to fathom how any other team is looking better than Philadelphia who are now 9-0-1 in their last 10 games.

It's time our boys get the recognition they deserve, but if it turns out I don't get my way on the rankings....I'll bite my tongue and continue watching this dominating force fly under everyone's radar. While these NHL analysts are busy giving Ovechkin his minute-to-minute handy and the city of Los Angeles every second of overrated coverage they're getting, I'll standby rubbing my hands together like a super villain.


Tonight the Flyers finish their back-to-back games against the Les Habitants de Montréal at 7:00pm. Let's see if the Canadiens can manage to play the Flyers without spreading sand in front of our locker room this time.

Oh, and burning their city to the ground.


*  *  *


Injury Update: LW Daniel Carcillo went in for a check against the boards but wound up spraining his MCL (knee). He may miss 2-weeks of ice time, according to Paul Holmgren, and will undergo a MRI sometime today (Tuesday).

For all you Carcillo-hating Flyers fans out there, I know what you're thinking -- and personally, you can shove it up your ass.


*  *  *


Below is a highlight of Richards' wicked shorthanded goal. The guy's a beast and an all around player.