Sir Joseph Bogle


The city of Atlanta -- I wish it would have burned completely to the ground during The Civil War.

1987 Dominique Wilkins, one of the greatest players in the history of basketball flew under the radar because he was an Atlanta Hawk.. He was overshadowed by Spud Webb, a player who stood at a height of 5'6, because Webb had won the Slam Dunk in his hometown of Dallas. This was just the start of it for me. My hatred for the city of Atlanta. This year, the Hawks had one of the youngest, fun, solid teams in basketball -- let's check their attendance numbers:

83.6% capacity per game, yuck, haven't averaged over 89% in AT LEAST 10 years. Move the Hawks to Seattle.


1991 The Atlanta Braves start with a run of winning divisions, Avery, Maddux, Glavine, Smoltz, Pendleton, McGriff, Ron Gant, David (Don't call me Mr. Halle Berry) Justice and a host of all stars are the toast of of baseball, except in the city of Atlanta. Except for one or two seasons. Year after Year they make the playoffs and numerous times they can not sell out the games.

In the early 90s the fans decide to spruce up games (guess it was too boring for them?) so they steal a chant from the Florida State Seminoles (Alum Deion Sanders played for the Braves, so they adopted it for him, how cute, only football player in the Hall of Fame that couldn't tackle but I digress) , a "Wooooooo oh wooohooo" chant with the tomahawk hand gestures and all. Who lead the chant? Jimmy Carter (arguably worst President ever), Ted Turner (Known nut job), and Jane Fuckin Fonda -- Seen here partying with the Vietnamese against the US.

Hey Hanoi Jane, I can't wait till some Veterans have a real chance at pissing on your grave....

Woah, got sidetracked there. 


Move the Braves to a city that might care for the great talents of Brian McCann, Jason Heyward and Dan Uggla. Move them to Indianapolis.

Atlanta Falcons have had Michael Vick - one of the most dynamic QB's to ever grace a football field -there was NO BUZZ from Falcons fans. Since he left prison town, they haven't been able to average more then 96% capacity ONCE since 2005 in their Georgia Dome (98% in 2006), and have not been above average for the NFL attendance since Vick left.

The Falcons finished 13-3 last season, and they still were 19th in attendance.Move them to LA, then when they get bored with them, move them to Toronto, first team outside the US. Atlanta Flames, left in 1980, Atlanta Thrashers, with superstars Ilya Kovalchuk and Dustin Byfuglien didn't work and are moving.


The way I look at it, 1 team gone in Atlanta, 3 to go.