First and foremost, let me get this out of the way; Claude Giroux absolutely deserved to be suspended. If you're just finding out now; Director of Player Safety, Brendan Shannahan has suspended the superstar for Game 5 tomorrow night in Philadelphia. 

It happened at 19:56 in the second period. What seemed as both skaters (Giroux and Zubrus) were jawing at one another. Giroux's shoulder makes contact with Zubrus's head. Which at first lead to a two minute penalty, and Giroux would later finish the game, Zubrus as well. 

A lot of fan reaction so far is the inconsistency for the suspensions that have gone around the league. From Shea Weber's "face wash" of Red Wings forward Henrik Zetterberg, which resulted in a $2,500 fine. Evgeni Malkin's elbow to the back of Claude Giroux's head, which was left unpunished. To Raffi Torres' blatant hit to injure Blackhawks forward Marion Hossa, which resulted in a 25 game suspension. 

Listen, the fact is that Giroux is suspended. Fans need to get over this. What's done, is done. No sense in arguing it. The fact of the matter is that any player that goes for the head should be suspended. No matter who it is. Because I'm sure that most would be calling for Zubrus' head, should the tables have been turned. 

Lastly, this could be the rallying cry that this team needs. Their backs are now pressed against the walls to a team that's never lost a 3-1 lead in team history. I don't really need to reach that far back to know that this Flyers team has risen to the occasion and toppled a 3-0 lead to go onto the finals. You just have to believe. 


Make sure to tune in tomorrow night to NBC Sports Network at 7:30, when The Flyers take on the Devils in a pivotal Game 5, from the Wells Fargo Center.