Michael DeNicola



So ontop of Hartnell's one goal and assist in last night's match against the Sabres, he also got into a tilt with Paul Gaustad during a commercial break during the midway point of the 2nd period.

It started out with a few flap of the gums, a light shove from Hartnell to Gaustad's ribs, and then the mitts were dropped.

Scotty did a considerably well job against the 6'5", 212 pound center. There were no real ground breaking connections to the face between either of them, but there were some shoulder and body shots that could hurt almost as much.

The thing I was most surprised at was Scott Hartnell managed to stand on his skates for more than 3-seconds in this fight. Usually Cpt. Gravity takes a tumble to the frozen floor before any of us get the chance to stand and cheer, but this time he really held his own.

Now, what pisses me off about this fight is that Hartnell was the one who got into it. Prior to this tilt, the Sabres seemed to be more physical and hitting harder which is very frustrating and can slow any Flyers progression down.

In that case, isn't it Jody Shelley's job to get out there and start some shit? Instead of allowing a key piece of our best performing line to sit in the box for 5-minutes, Jody should of gotten in it with Gaustad, or whomever, earlier....or at least told his teammates he's got this.

But whatever. I'm harping on something that doesn't mean a damn thing now. We won. We've been winning. On to the next game.


I must say, though, the edge goes to Paul Gaustad. Props to Hartnell for his Gordie Howe Hatty.