Michael DeNicola



Flyers winger, Dan Carcillo, has officially been suspended for two games after getting a match penalty for lifting his stick too high on Devils forward, David Clarkson, and smacking him in the face during this past Sunday's game.

Flyers GM, Paul Holmgren, has been reported saying that he is "disappointed in this decision by the league office" and it was clearly an accident that did not warrant the penalty, nor any suspension, however the NHL's principal disciplinarian, Colin Campbell, thought otherwise.

Clarkson wound up with three stitches and a bump on the noggin.

Carcillo will miss Thursday's game against the Islanders, and Friday's game against the Canadiens. He'll be eligible to dress for Sunday's game against the Detroit Red Wings on April 4th.


So let me get this straight; just three games ago, Ottawa's defenseman, Anton Volchenkov, practically cripples Simon Gagne on a boarding play, doesn't get a penalty for it, not even a friggin investigation, but Dan Carcillo accidentally lifts his stick with no intention to injure anyone, catches an opponent's face and is suspended for two games?

Obviously Paul Holmgren is a more calm and collected individual than I am, because if I were Flyers GM I would have driven 120 mph to Colin Campbell's house and lit the biggest bag of dog shit on his front step, then while he attempted to put the flames out I'd pelt him with paint ball rounds and laugh maniacally like some cartoon villain.

I cannot believe this call. Yes, Carcillo's stick did come up, and yes, Carcillo has a history of being a repeat offender, but what can this guy do to redeem himself? Lately he's scored some goals, given nothing less than 110% out on the ice, and has managed to draw in some power plays for the Flyers. I don't get it, does the guy have to cure cancer, or find and open the Ark of the Covenant without his face melting off in order to gain the war room's respect?

There have been far worse incidents this season involving different players from different teams who haven't gotten this much crap from the NHL yet here we are for the second time this season putting Dan Carcillo under the microscope. Only this time it's so ridiculous it makes me sick to my stomach.


Below is the video of the match penalty given to Carcillo. You be the judge. And by "you be the judge" I mean "you better agree with me or else jump off a bridge".