Michael DeNicola


Every Sunday evening NBC airs a local sports segment on television. Philadelphia's "Sports Final" features 610WIP host, Howard Eskin who reports the latest behind-the-scenes news on Philadelphia sports teams.

Throughout the off-season, Eskin's been practically spot on with potential Flyers' interests prior to them happening.

Howard's been documented saying our Bullies were interested in Ilya Bryzgalov before we traded for his signing rights. He's also been documented saying that Jeff Carter AND Mike Richards were discussed being pieces to a trade before THOSE transactions were finalized.

Last night on Sports Final, Howard Eskin dropped another bomb.


If the Flyers fail to trade for, and acquire, Steven Stamkos from the Tampa Bay Lightning, then their back-up plan is to go out and sign UFA centerman, Chris Drury.

Drury spent his last three seasons as the New York Rangers' captain, whose final year on his contract was bought out just recently. He suffered through injuries and only played 24 games in the 2010-11 season with New York. 

If signed by the Flyers, Drury will be re-acquainted with Danny Briere who he served time with in a Buffalo Sabres sweater.


This news (though surprising and leads me to take it with a grain of salt) makes me think of two things;

  1. The Flyers are not finished talking with Tampa about Stamkos, and...
  2. Perhaps #1 NHL prospect, Brayden Schenn doesn't stand as much of a chance as I thought to break the Flyers NHL roster.


That's a lot for my brain to compute considering I believed the whole Stamkos thing was a long and gone dream for Philadelphia, and Schenn's hype made him out to be a shoe-in on the Flyers 3rd forward line at center.

Prospect camp is over after today, and I have not read anything terrific about Brayden's performance. I haven't heard anything negative either. And when I attended camp just this past Saturday, I was actually more impressed with the 8th Overall pick, Sean Couturier than anyone else.  


So this is what my final thought has concluded to; Flyers GM Paul Holmgren's decision to make anymore trades and/or signings is based off what our young guns have (or don't have) to offer the Flyers next season if they were to wrestle a roster spot successfully. 

And just when I thought the Tampa Bay Superstar dream was laid to rest, it's dug up in less than 30 seconds by a man who has dependable inside sources and a knack to make delicious flame broiled cheeseburgers. 



Editor's Update:

Scratch that. No sooner do I post what I did about Schenn, Twitter is now BLOWING UP with reports from beat writers attending today's final day at Prospect Camp saying Schenn's "A man amongst boys" and other outstanding performance reports.  He scored a hat trick in today's scrimmage as well. 

I'm ecstatic about this news. 


Update #2:

And now an article released by PhillySportsDaily on Schenn's Monday performance at camp: Click Here.