Michael DeNicola



I haven't been around this weekend due to moving into a new apartment, and because of that I did not witness the abominations on Saturday and Sunday. Perhaps I'm the lucky one?

I have been saying it for weeks before these four straight losses that we had something major to worry about. People told me to stop being so negative and remind myself of our record.

Sure we were winning, but we were never dominating. Losing leads, poor fundamental hockey, and we were set on "Cruise Control" while teams like New Jersey, Boston, Pittsburgh, Toronto and Buffalo are in playoff mode. At this rate, we'd be lucky to grab a top 4 seed.

This team's habitually not been able to take advantage of anything, whether it's in-game or a chance to boom away with a points lead in the standings. Some say, "No worries. Laviolette will light a fire." Oh really? Please see Feb 26 - March 6.

We have the Oilers on Tuesday night; an abysmal squad with an even worse record. A team we should beat, right? Yea. I'm skeptical.....about the damn Edmonton Oilers.