Michael DeNicola



You simply cannot bullshit a bullshitter. And in this case, I'm not buying into Paul Holmgren's empty promises and statements addressing the whole injury issue with Michael Leighton.

CSN Philly just released an article with further details about Michael Leighton's back injury and questioned whether he had disclosed all the information about it to the organization before the Flyers signed him to a 2-year contract extension.

Holmgren said the organization has already discussed with players about disclosing all injuries to the team's medical staff, imploring them not to withhold any piece of information from the training staff, regardless of how insignificant the condition. - CSNPhilly.com

Leighton's admitted to the injury bothering him throughout the playoffs and the Finals but never disclosed this information until the summer.

This seems very fishy. I understand the man's trying to find his way out of being a professional NHL journeyman, but something tells me Leighton knew very well that this back issue of his could affect his 2010-11 season performance.

"With Michael, this cropped up in July. We had an MRI done. It didn’t show anything of issue. He was told to work on his strengthening and core stability and all that. He came to training camp and it started to crop up again in the Toronto game. It’s one of those things." - Paul Holmgren


I can't do anything but blame Paul here. Leighton signed his 2-year, $3.1M extension July 1st. Unless that MRI was done before the contract was signed (which I doubt), that means Leighton got his pay-day before he mentioned the injury, before he got the MRI, and before the staff had a chance to put him through any conditioning to test him for noticable weakness(es).

"We talk about this all the time. It’s the first thing they hear when they come to training camp. It’s a trust factor between them and [trainer] Jim McCrossin, more often than not." - Paul Holmgren


I'm all for trusting your players, but I certainly believe that they need to show that they can be trusted. Paul assumed Leighton would disclose any injury no matter how minor it is because he and the players "talk about this all the time"!?!?

My mother told me time and time again as a child to clean my room but I always left it in the morning looking like Pig Pen from "Peanuts" squatted in there for weeks on end!


I understand that I'm on the outside looking in on this one. I gaurantee I don't know all the facts, but from what I've read and heard it sounds like Homer's too proud to just come out and say, "Yea gang, I shit the bed on this one".