Michael DeNicola



I don't think anything's harder than coming off of an ass kicking like we did on Saturday night's game and having to wait five whole days to play the next bout.

For the second season in a row, October's schedule leaves us lusting for hockey right in the middle of the month, and call me crazy but I do not believe the Flyers come off of a game drought so hot which worries me about Thursday night's match up versus the Ducks.

While our division rivals have the advantage of playing every other day, gaining momentum and establishing game-time chemistry, our Flyers sit flatter than a glass of scotch in soda the morning after St. Patty's Day.


But some of our Bullies don't see it that way.

Seasoned defenceman, Kimmo Timonen, says he enjoys the lengthened practice time the Flyers are getting during their hiatus. It gives the rest of the team a chance to get to know the newer and younger faces on the squad. This gap in the schedule allows Kimmo and the rest of the players to condition harder which will eventually "payoff down the road".

Up and coming NHL star forward, Claude Giroux, shares the same optimism Timonen carries ontop of his shoulders, saying it's "good for the team". 


Flyers fans can only hope that Claude and Kimmo's positive attitudes run through the Philadelphia locker room like a virus, infecting each player with more self esteem, harder work ethic, and a drive to put more W's in the win column than skeptics believe them capable of doing.


Say what you want about the Flyers this early in the season, but we all know what happened when others were ready to hang up their Orange & Black flags after Philadelphia went down 3 - 0 in that unforgettable series against the Bruins last post season.