Michael DeNicola


Listen here -- I believe in this team as much as the next guy, but I also do not allow my fanhood to shroud my reasonable thinking. We lose tonight's Game 3 and we've got more chance of an alien spaceship landing in my backyard for a pig roast than making another 0 - 3 series comeback.

If that makes you [the reader] question my loyalty or my diehard love for our Flyers then that's entirely on you. I refuse to be one of these drones painted orange, with a Stepford Wives smile on my face screaming "WE CAN STILL DO IT!!!" down 0 - 3 in a series, in the 3rd period of Game 4, down 10 - 0 on the scoreboard. 

I prefer to remain logical. 


But let's focus on the silver lining here. Monday night showed an incredible amount of promise. Why? 

Answer: JVR

That's right. The Jersey-bred man-child has been a force all post season long, however in Game 2 he easily stood out as the Flyers #1 Star.

James lit the game's first two lamps sending the Flyers ahead of the Bruins in the opening 20-minutes, 2 - 0. Though Philadelphia's goal total never increased past that, van Riemsdyk stole the show on open ice while an aged Tim Thomas put on a clinic in Boston's net. 

It was a classic showdown between an Unstoppable Force vs An Immovable Object. But all that effort put forth by JVR and his Orange Wrecking Crew was sunk under a wave of depression after David Krejci burned Brian Boucher late in the OT period, giving the Bruins a 2-game to none lead in this SemiFinals series. 

When the tilt was said and done, Thomas stopped a career high 52-shots becoming Philadelphia Public Enemy #1. 

"They got a couple of quick goals, a couple of good bounces," Thomas said. "But, as the game went on, I just tried to build. By the time I got to the third period, I was starting to feel real good."


Not exactly sure what he meant by feeling real good by the 3rd, because the 37 year old veteran made stops and moves in net that had Flyers-nation's hands on their heads, their teeth grinding, and eyes searching the night's sky for a higher power to bless just ONE MORE Flyer puck on its journey behind #30. 

And what really chaps my bulbous ass is that Thomas has no finesse in the goal mouth. No, it's more of an unorthodox technique. Sort of like a half-alive, harpooned porpoise kicking and floundering on a ship's deck. 

But you have to hand it to the old sack of 401K; it works. And it's damn effective....for some reason. 

I don't get how Thomas' technique has given him a Hall of Fame season. It's like solving one of the most challenging mathematical problems known to mankind using a shoe string and a paint mixer. 

Ahh HA! Tim Thomas is the friggin' McGuiver of the NHL! That sly son of a bitch. 


Let's get back to brass tacks; Game 3 is without a doubt....a Do Or Die situation. We came out Monday night and outplayed the Bruins, no question. The fact of the matter is, our boys must....MUST solve Tim Thomas. If the Bullies are able to push forth the same domination and puck control from Game 2 and manage to slip a couple pucks past Thomas (COUGHbriereyoubastardCOUGH!!!) then we have a great chance to tie this series. Lead this series. 


Win this series.