Michael DeNicola



I'm not going to sit here and verbally destroy Shawn Hill (The Dancing Fat Guy) for the sake of being a prick. I'm sure he's a jolly guy, enjoys his sports, and is fancy with the wome.....yeaaaa.....but enough's enough.

If you haven't noticed already, the Flyers as an organization have decided to use Shawn's popularity to their advantage and gave him the job of being the man on the mic during stoppages of game regulation time throughout the 1st and 2nd periods.

Prior to his new employment, Shawn was famous for gettin' jiggy with it and shot on the jumbo tron while the arena played its music, and MC'ing during the Phantoms games when they were still in Philadelphia. For some unknown reason, a majority of the crowd attending the game seems to enjoy his "slick" moves on camera. So they clap, cheer, hoot and hollar which feeds this man's ego and drive to continue dancing.

It's all in good fun. I can appreciate that. But it's lame. Really lame. And has over stayed its welcome, in my opinion.  

I have personally seen Shawn downstairs by the AT&T Pavillion of the Wells Fargo Center a handful of times and had the opportunities to say something to him. I didn't because I'm a pussy when it comes to confrontations. I also had my girlfriend with me and I didn't feel like answering to her when she asks, "Why are you picking on that happy fat man?"

Like I said, I'm sure the man's nice, gives to charity, rescues pets from puppy mills, combs the feathers of this Nation's glorious Bald Eagle. But that's unrelated.

Eric Rothstein, aka Eric Superfan, and his season ticket holding crew have tradition for this; while they stand for the game's entirety in the arena's upper level, they turn their backs to the ice, the jumbo tron and the "hilarity" which is the Dancing Fat Guy every time he's on the big screen.

Unfortunately they are only a 4 or 5-man strong army against this customary display.

It won't ever stop. I don't have any idea why I even wrote this article. Maybe it's because I'm curious to know if anyone else out there shares my opinion?

It's time to hang up the skates, Shawn.




So yea, as I expected I've gotten some negative feedback within the hour of this article's postage. Nothing mean spirited, so no worries. More or less saying how it's useless to pick on this man when all he's done is been a devoted, passionate fan. And for that, I agree and give him his props for being so dedicated and gaining employment within the best sports organization in the world.

Just stop dancing.