Michael DeNicola


Recently I've regurgitated a lot of what BroadStreetHockey.com has reported, which doesn't say a whole much for my credibility as an objective source. But news is news, and BSH.com is one of three sites I check each morning for Flyers updates, so I apologize if I come off as someone riding the coattails of another. 

Though I may be a reader's sloppy seconds, I'm still happy to report that Kimmo Timonen is scheduled to move back to Philadelphia in a couple of weeks in preperation for training camp. 

Not only will his return be welcomed, but his veteran attitude comes to no surprise and is commended by our Orange & Black Nation. Kimmo's spent his summer months back home in Finland where he's already begun getting in hockey shape before all the players officially meet back in Voorhees, NJ -- 

"I've been enjoying the summer and training", Timonen says. "I'm going back to Philadelphia in two weeks. The older you get, the more dedicated you have to be, making sure that you won't skip any practices. Otherwise the young guys leave you behind. If you're not in shape by training camp, that's what happens; you leave behind."


He and Jaromir Jagr share the same attitude about their advanced, seasoned age. They realize the importance of reporting to camp ready to battle against teammates 15 - 20 years their junior. Naturally spending a lengthy tenure in the NHL takes a toll on your body, and at Timonen's age, only the strongest/best survive. 

Nothing could be more true in Kimmo's case. 

With the departure of Flyers former Captain, Mike Richards, an argument to throw the 'C' on Timonen's sweater has come up on many occasions. 

Most attest to Pronger leading this ship, but I'd hold no dispute against Timonen taking that status. As most of you know, our #44 wore the Captain's 'C' while in Nashville for the Predators. He's always been a tremendous leader who's displayed his sovereignty on and off the ice. 


Many claim that the captaincy is not what it used to be. It's there nowadays just because it's always been there. Be that as it may, that 'C' still means something to me. Call me old fashioned, but I prefer a general leading the charge. 

And if Kimo were to be announced as Captain (assuming he'd even accept that role) I'd feel damn proud calling him so. 


Ontop of all this love for the man, he's also announced that he wants to -- one day -- retire a Philadelphia Flyer --

"The arena is packed full every game and people recognize the players on the street. For a professional hockey player, I'm sure Philadelphia is one of the best places to play in. The organization takes care of their players and the facilities are good. It's terrific to play there and I hope I can finish my career there."


It's no mystery why the younger guns, teammates and fans of Kimmo consider him such a principal landmark in their successes. I'd follow him through the gates of hell!