Tyler J. Altemose

Rumors have been abounding that New Jersey Devils captain Jamie Langenbrunner may be awaiting an impending trade after it was discovered that he was scratched for tonight's game.

Bob McKenzie of TSN and Tom Gulitti, a Devils beat reporter for The Record have reported that Langenbrunner has been informally asked to waive his NTC. Langenbrunner told Gulitti that "it looks like" he'll no longer be a Devil.

McKenzie reminded us all that anything that may have happened at this point is completely informal. Once Devils GM Lou Lamoriello finds the offer he wants, he'll then go to Langenbrunner and formally ask him to waive the NTC.

So then, where does he go?

McKenzie reports that three possible locations for Langenbrunner are St. Louis, San Jose, and Dallas. But there's one more place he may end up.

Yup. Philly.

Tim PanaccioNick Kypreos of Sportsnet, and Anthony SanFillipo have all reported that not only are the Flyers interested, they've made an offer to Lamoriello already.

Can the Flyers afford him? In a word, "yes".

So what do the Flyers have to do to make room for Langenbrunner? First, some numbers:

  • The Flyers bank $1,036 each day, and that's including Syvret. Without him, it's $4,262.
  • The Flyers also have $15,412 in LTIR relief.
  • Jamie Langenbrunner's daily cap hit is $15,054.

Okay, so first for some hypotheticals.

Hypothetical #1: Let's say that Syvret is sent back down to the Phantoms tomorrow. That gives the Flyers $4,262 to bank each day without needing any of their $15,412 in daily LTIR cap relief.

Hypothetical #2: Let's say that Walker comes off of LTIR and Lappy says on for the remainder of the season. Why? Because acquiring Langenbrunner is a move that will last through this season, and Walker coming off of LTIR is going to happen eventually (it is generally agreed that Lappy will stay on for the remainder of the season).

Here's how things would work. First, the $4,262 saved each day would be taken off of Langenbrunner's daily hit. Second, you're looking at $6,272 in LTIR relief as well, so were down to $4,520 each day to account for (technically you don't take the $6,272 off of Langenbrunner's cap hit, you are just allowed to exceed the daily deposit by that much; it's just easier to understand it this way for most people).

What to do with that $4,520?

Well, the easiest way to look at it is in terms of a yearly amount. A $4,520 yearly cap hit amounts to $840,720. That means that the Flyers would have to off-load any player(s) whose contract(s) add up to $840,720.

Who could that be? Check it out here.

Of course, if the Flyers make these moves they won't have any room to make any moves (e.g. recalling someone from the Phantoms) if something happens to one of their players, so they'd likely have to get rid of much more than just that.

Assuming that the Flyers want to have enough room to call up their most expensive Phantoms prospect, they'd have to offload $1.75M in space.

Oh, Flyers. What tangled webs your rumors weave.