By:Kyle Frey @Phillyfan_KFrey

Time for a little Flyers flashback, in 1997, the Flyers were in the middle of their run to their first Stanley Cup Finals appearance in 10 years. After a short playoff drought, in 1995 the Flyers were back and ready to go for their 3rd Stanley Cup. After losing to the New Jersey Devils in the Eastern Conference Finals in 95, then the Florida Panthers in the 1996 ECSF, the 97 Flyers tore through the playoffs winning each series in 5 games up until the painful sweep at the hands of the Detriot Red Wings. The Legion of Doom line, Eric Lindros, John Leclair, and Mikael Renberg were obviously leading the way for the Flyers. One of the best games from that line in the 97 playoffs was game 1 vs the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Lindros set the tone early by setting up the second goal of the game by checking Darius Kasparaitis hard into the boards and then getting the puck out of a mad scramble to pass it to Leclair who netted the goal. Later in the game one of the most spectacuar shifts I've ever seen took place when Lindros pretty much single handedly kept the puck away from the Pens without his stick most of the time. It showed the true dominance Big E could have on a game. The Flyers went on to win 5-1 and win the series 4-1.