Michael DeNicola


What more can I report about this ridiculous banning that Greg Wyshynski of Yahoo! Sports hasn't covered already?

More important question is -- Why is the NHL continually trying to be such a wet blanket when it comes to their fans creating their own entertainment?


You remember my article covering the League's sudden ban on Red Wings fans tossing the ceremonial Playoff octopus on the ice prior to puck drop. Now the suits in the War Room have reared their commie control over the Vancouver Canucks' very own Green Men; two 'Nucks fanatics who seat themselves against the Roger Arena visiting sin bin dressed as Charlie Day's Green Man character from the popular television show It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia


Here the Green Men (Force & Sully) spend all gametime long mocking opposing players as they pay their penalties in the penalty box. An act of hilarity that's instantly become a Canucks classic. 

These two men have been ridiculing and lampooning NHLers behind the adjacent glass for the better part of 18 months, and simultaneously winning the hearts of fans all over North America. 

Just recently has the league stepped in banning the Green Men from physically touching the glass or - get this - doing friggin' handstands in their seats and pressing their spandex covered crotches against the box's protective glass. 

When I see video of these two creatively using props, hand gestures and/or contorting their bodies in animated stands I laugh hysterically....as does anyone else with a heart beat or a sense of humor. 

But not the league. Nor does CBC commentator, Glenn Healy (Fast forward to the 1:30 minute mark):

"No one's owning up to the fact that the league has looked into getting rid of these guys. We've simply had enough of looking at their rear ends and their crotches when players have to go to the box. And as a result … eh, day, their daddy owns the seats so they're allowed to be down there, but they've been more than a pain in the neck to almost every team that's played here.

"So, from that standpoint, the league is looking into 'you can't touch the glass, you can't stand up'. It's probably not appropriate to do a handstand on the seat and to make faces at the players that are in the bench."

"We've had enough. It's about the game, it's about the players, it's not about guys doin' handstands. And the league's looked into it and they're going to make amends."


Oh, what an asshole. As if this douche has never done something strange or stupid to get a laugh. 

"It's about the game, it's about the players."

Hey, Glenn? Last time I checked...without the fans there'd be no goddamn game. There'd be no players. And your job would be non-existent, you self righteous mook. 

But yea, the game IS the most important. Then again, it exists for entertainment. Crowds flock and pay admission to be entertained. And as far as Vancouver's concerned....The Green Men must stay. 

Maybe it's because they love their Green Comedians or maybe it's the Canucks fanatics way of flipping the league a collected city-wide middle finger. But a support rally's been organized and will present their reign of voice and displeasurement with the NHL on May 7th when the SemiFinals series returns home to Vancouver for Game 5. 

Show up in green! Green shirts, green wigs, green face paint, or even a green Superfan Suit for you brave ones! Bring signs that say "Go Green Men Go!". It doesn't matter if you are attending the game or not - be there Vancouver!


I, for one, support these two. It's unique. It's fresh. And it certainly isn't anything life threatening. You've got two guys entertaining an entire fanbase. And not just ONE fanbase. Their hometown supporters have managed to collect support by the hundreds of thousands around the league. 

That alone cannot be ignored. 

So from Philadelphia we say....LET'S GO GREEN MEN!!!