Sir Joseph Bogle


Lindy Ruff,

Before we get into the Richards situation, lets look at the past with Mr Ruff.

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Ken Hitchcock was sick of Lucky Lindy and his whining in 2006 about Flyers players taking runs at some Sabres.

"Tell Lindy to fuck off"

In 2007, Ruff was fined $10,000 because after a hit by Chris Neil to Captain Chris Drury, Ruff sent Three goons to beat on Dany Heatley, Jason Spezza and Mike Comrie, three non fighters. Before the goons took to the ice, he told Kaleta, Andrew Peters and Adam Mair to "Go out and run em".

After a knee to knee hit by Darcy Tucker (Who I loathe BTW) on a Sabres player, Lindy lost it after the game. Ruff was extremely upset, making several accusations at Tucker and the officials for blowing the play. In short Lindy has demanded that Tucker be suspended. "I haven't called the league once. I'll call them ten times tomorrow." No suspension was awarded.


After a game against Boston in 2010, Lucky Lindy told the media that Zdeno Chara, who got an instigator penalty during the game, "Should be looking at a suspension". Claude Julien, coach of the Bruins let Lindy know how he felt about it --

"I've heard and read Lindy's comments. Hopefully, it's his way of taking pressure off his team," Julien said today at TD Garden. "If not, it's a lot of whining. Simple as that. Every coach has his tactics. You just worry about yourself. As I said last night, we seem to be the team that's doing bad things. They seem to be the team that's on the nice side of all that stuff and they do nothing wrong. It's tactics. Those are things in the playoffs that coaches use, hopefully to their advantage. I don't pay much attention to it."

....Sound familiar? Now, Mr. Ruff (Only a few days since telling the Flyers, and their Captain to stop whining and play hockey) is whining. Asked for comments after the game last night, Flyers Chariman, Ed Snider said "Ohh is Lindy whining again?"


Ryan Miller, after seeing Sabres players throw punch after punch into Flyers players faces, said Mike Richards got away with "Mass Murder" because of his PUSH on Tim Connolly. Maybe he's still upset at Mike Richards for their Gold Medal winning team at last year's Olympics or he doesn't realize he plays alongside a guy like Patrick Kaleta -- a guy who checked Jared Ross into the end boards last season which cost Kaleta two games.


Lets ask what Lindy Ruff had to say about the hit --

"[Ross] knew he was coming," Ruff said. "He took a quick look right before, and then he turned. The difference there is it was a young player called up, he knows he's going to get hit on a heavy forecheck,  and at the last second you're asking our player to hit the brakes."

We all remember the 'mass murder', (Isn't that silly Miller?) Bush League move Kaleta had done to Nik Zherdev in Game 5 by opening the door while he was getting pushed into the Sabres' bench. Miller, never had problems with the mass murder hit on RJ Umberger by Brian Campbell either. 

Miller was reportedly laughing about it after the game. Ryan, you're an Olympic Silver Medalist, you performed amazingly in net for the Red White and Blue but everytime you cry foul for a hit, I wonder, if you realize this is playoff hockey. Do me a favor, next time you need to cry about a hit or some mass murder, instead of using tissues, use a banner that proclaims the Flyers as "Eastern Conference Champions for 2009/2010" and Lindy, you have been in this League a long time, if you need some tissues, just use the banner you'll see above your head that proclaim the Flyers "STANLEY CUP CHAMPIONS 1974/1975" tomorrow night.