Michael DeNicola


Yesterday evening, Flyers beat writer Tim Panaccio broke out a CSN article about what Buffalo goaltender, Ryan Miller, had to say about our very own Daniel Briere. 

Apparently, according to Miller, Briere's been a recess yard bully on the ice, chirping at Ryan every chance he got. 

“He likes to be around the net,” Miller said. “He’s on the right team for it. They get pucks to the net, they allow him to kind of find situations where he can get open and sniff around and hang around and play to some of his strengths.”

Now, the next part you're going to have to read slowly. Panaccio reported Miller's words verbatim and we all know words spew from our mouths differently than when we put them on paper...

“I respect his talent and I respect what he wants I try to do out there, and if you try to get the better of each other, and when he gets the better you know it’s the headline. Even though he gets however many chances, if one goes in, it’s a headline.”


Alright, I'm not sure if you can really consider this smack talk. It sorta sounds like it can be comparable to Crosby and how often he's in the NHL news for the tiniest things. 

Crosby skated......Headline.

Crosby practiced with the team.....Major Headline.

Crosby caught on camera rat tailing Lovejoy on the ass in the team's locker room.....People Weekly. 


You get the picture. 

But ultimately, Miller's saying that Briere could have a thousand chances in 60 minutes of regulation, pot one puck and it makes news. 

Well.....DUUUUR! This is the playoffs. Every game, every line rep, every goal counts. 

As you know, Danny Briere went top shelf on Miller later in Monday's contest off the assist from Scott Hartnell. This made headline news because ol' Danny Boy continues to own his ex-squad on a gamely basis. 


Daniel had this to say about Miller's interview:

“Wow,” Briere texted CSNPhilly.com. “He’s definitely getting wrong info. First, I haven’t said a word to him on the ice and off the ice, I’ve only had good things to say about him because of the respect I have for him. So, I’m not gonna play that game with him.”

Alright, boys, break it up. Now it's a question of who's telling the truth? First off, I have no idea why you would make up stories about someone chirping and talking trash on the ice. Second, if Briere DID whisper sweet nothings in Miller's eardrums all series long then why is it such an issue with Miller in the first place?

This is hockey. Players mouth off at eachother every single second of the game. But Miller's telling us (given the nature between the both of their friendship) that all the smack talk doesn't mean a thing to him considering Briere's just such a lovable snuggly bear. 

It'd be like my Priest telling me to "Go to hell!" during a game of chess. 


Okay, THIRDLY, if Briere made these on-ice remarks.....why lie and say ya didn't? I dunno. 

Why do I all of a sudden feel like I'm watching an episode of Jerseylicious?