Michael DeNicola



Judging from what I've seen and read all over Facebook today, NHL fans continue to fail to realize what this league ALL-STAR game is all about.

It's a gimmick. A magic show. Some bum on the city streets beating empty buckets to make music for a few bucks from passer by's.

Personally I could give a rat's ass about the All-Star game. I think it's boring hockey and the fact that it's in Raleigh, NC deadens my interest even more. But like I said, this is just a show put on for the casual hockey fan.

Not you or I who watch every single one of our team's games, throwing household objects at the television each time our goalie lets in an easy floater.


This game's for Jan and Dickie Casper from Spittsville, Kentucky or any other American town that sees less hockey than a desert sees rain. Yet fans Facebook worldwide are wondering why so-and-so wasn't picked since he's got more goals/saves than THAT guy.

You know why? Because it's a popularity contest. It's the King & Queen of Prom only more ice and less blood.


For those of you who follow my fanpage on Facebook, you've seen me post this tidbit of opinionated info:

So Claude Giroux is the only Flyer to make it to the All Star game, and people are surprised? This is a popularity contest, people. Look at the players names and teams that have been associated in commercials and other forms of advertisements directed at the casual hockey fans. There shouldn't be any surprises.


You think some farmer in Idaho picking potatos and scratching his ass to the tune of his morning rooster has any idea who Claude Giroux is? Danny Briere? Sergei Bobrovsky!?!!?!? ABSOLUTELY not.

However if I were to ask Potato Ted to name me three players from the NHL I can bet you one of those is Sidney Crosby. Alex Ovechkin (or, in his words, "That Russian fella with no tooth").

These two players and their teams have been the heavyweight champs in the NHL's marketing schemes for many moons. It's no surprise that great players who are more or less unknown to the general, casual sports following public haven't been voted in.

Now, I'm not complaining....because I'm not surprised. I know little or nothing about soccer but I watch the World Cup every four years, and the one player I'm always looking for is David Beckham. I have no idea who plays striker for team Poland, but I'll bet some soccer/football fanatic would be able to as quickly as you or I could identify Rick Nash in a crowd of beard bearing mountain men.

You see what I'm getting at?


There's no conspiracy. There's nothing hard to understand about how these players did or didn't get voted in.

This is strictly a product of what happens when the NHL pushes certain players and teams in front of every American's face each year when they go forth on a marketing campaign. End of story.