Sir Joseph Bogle


Sources have told me (Yes I have inside sources) that the NHL, next season, will be allowing teams to use sponsors on sweaters to help with money issues. After the fall of the Coyotes, the money issues with the Thrashers and the Dallas Stars losing fans, the NHL has decided that Corporations will be allowed to put emblems onto a teams sweater. Commish Gary Bettman feels this is the perfect time to use the logos , after the deal with NBC and Versus was struck.

The NFL now is stuck in a lockout, the NBA might have a work stoppage as well and MLB has gone downhill since their lockout, so Mr Bettman feels Companies will now pay "Through the nose" for the "rights" to the sweaters. If you follow sports, like myself, you knew this was inevitable, the NHL has ads on the boards, on the ice, on sticks, on helmets and have now superimposed ads on boards behind the goals, their next step, was the sweaters.

I'm sure there will be riots in the streets of Montreal and Toronto and Philadelphia when this happens. A huge McDonalds logo above the Penguins emblem won't be a good sight or a Target logo on the back of a Sabres sweater. I HOPE the Flyers don't steal this idea from the Union. 


Many Overseas Leagues have already started the trend.  

The next step is the sponsorship of players "Mike Richards sponsored by Reebok scores on the PP", "Antii Niemi sponsored by Easton with the kick save". I know, this sounds like a silly notion, but ask a fan of the NHL in the '50s and tell them there'd be ads on the boards, ice and glass, and they'd think you were silly.