Michael DeNicola



The "No-Name Line".

It's the best I could come up with right now for the Hartnell-Briere-Leino forward line. Those three are harder to nickname than a newborn hermaphrodite.

The dominating trio never fail to turn heads, drop jaws and ignite more lamps behind goal than all the simultaneous flashing camera bulbs on Super Bowl kickoff.

Danny Briere is without a doubt the first star of the game after bucketing his team leading 22nd goal and assisting on three others, leaving the ice with a career game total of 4-points.

Who did he assist on the other three pucks you ask? Why it was Ville Leino's contraversial deflection (10), and Scott Hartnell's PPG(13) and hope-smashing empty netter (14) which solidified the win, 5 - 2.


But with all the drama that's been birthed around the league because of the All-Star rosters, some believe Briere's performance last night was a reaction to him not being voted onboard;

"I don't think it had too much to do with that. It's out of my control. There's not much I can do about it," Danny commented in a post game interview. However some teammates of Briere tend to cut the shit and tell it like it is.

Hartnell was quoted after the match, "Danny B's having a heck of a season and it gives him motivation to shove it up whoever didn't pick him."

Either way, there's no denying Briere's having a career season with 22-goals and 15-assists (37-total points) thus far, and virtually an entire half of season remaining.


Flyers Captain, Mike Richards, left his mark on the points-party with a breakaway goal in the 3rd period that began at center ice where Richie stopped the puck that was attempted to be dumped into Philadelphia's zone. Once he got a handle on the vulcanized rubber, he had no trouble steaming ahead of any defenders, taking Sabres net tender Ryan Miller's focus away from the puck with a head deke, and squeezed a backhanded tip-in for an unassisted pot.


You know what I got a kick out of last night? When one of Versus' sportscasters (I don't know what their names are because they all suck) mentioned how this Philadelphia Flyers team comes into games expecting to win. Every time.

I said virtually the same thing in an article I wrote about Bobrovsky and Boucher a couple days ago. "Maybe you agree with me. Maybe you're suggesting Bobrovsky should get peppered in between Boucher's starts. In either case, I'm always looking forward to a win..."

I just wanted to take this opportunity to gloat for a second...


::deep breath; beats chest; licks finger and lifts into the air::



Alright! And speaking of Bobrovsky, the kid from the land of vodka and boiled boot got the nod last night.

Bobs started out in net a little shaky in the 1st period allowing two to slip by out of 14-Buffalo shots on goal, putting Buffalo up 2 - 0. Of course the defense he had in front of him seemed to be having a bad period as well, so that never helps.

But all that Buffalo momentum was cut down once Scott Hartnell caught a piece of Kimmo Timonen's slapshot from the point on a late period power play to put the Flyers back down to a 1-goal defecit.

After that, Bobrovsky finished strong stopping a total of 38-Sabres shots out of 40, and capping his performance at a 0.950 SV%!!!



Our Bullies are now on a four game winning streak going into Boston to face the Bruins on their home ice this Thursday night at 7:00PM.

Boston's on a little hot streak themselves after an emotional LATE 3rd period comeback versus the Crosby'less Penguins on Monday night, and then kicking the living Christ out of the Ottawa Senators, 6 - 0, just 12.5 hours ago.

And of course, they'll be looking for revenge each and every chance they get against us for that miraculous 3-game defecit comeback in last post-season's series.

Don't miss a minute. Good night. Good hockey.