Sir Joe Bogle


Michael Leighton (You might remember the name, Michael Leighton. If you live in Norfolk, Rochester, Portland, Nashville, Philly, Albany, or Carolina, you know the name..Those are the cities that Mike has lived and left since 2003..You might know the name Michael Leighton if you own a UHaul store..You might also know the name Michael Leighton if you live in Montreal, not because he played in the city but because he played pretty well against an overrated Habs team, who were pushed around by a much bigger and stronger team so Leighton didn't have much disturbance in front of him... 

 You might also remember Michael Leighton if you live in Chicago, or any town in North America that gets the NHL Network because you've seen "The Goal" many times, which broke the heart of many a Flyers fan, and I'm sure Peter Laviolette remembers the name Michael Leighton, because he waived him when he was in Carolina..The entire NHL fan base knows the name Michael Leighton because they heard his name numerous times during the off season because he was an Unrestricted Free Agent and nobody wanted him..New Flyers fans know the name Michael Leighton because after he signed a two year deal, he let the doctors of the team know that he has a bad back..People in the city of Glens Falls NY (Hacksaw Jim Duggan was the biggest celebrity from that city) know the name Michael Leighton because he's been the starting goalie for the Phantoms since he returned from being waived again) cleared waivers.


Next weeks article - "Hairless Pets".........weird