Michael DeNicola


per CrossingBroad.com


It's no secret that Flyers forward, Nikolay Zherdev, has avoided the Philadelphia sports media like a Mormon dodges divorce court, but apparently Paul Holmgren's had enough of it.

Being part of this city's hockey organization means you have certain obligations on and off the ice, and keeping your distance from sports reporters cannot be tolerated.

Once Zherdev agreed to getting his words printed he said he'd talk with every reporter except "the Russian reporter" and then casted out Flyers writer Tim Panaccio.

Now, Panaccio is two cannolis in his pocket away from owning his own fruit stand and humming "Dominic; The Italian Christmas Donkey" 24/7, yet SOMETHING has led Nikolay to believe Tim's got the Hammer & Sickle running through his veins.

Zherdev was quickly corrected and responded with, "Well, he looks like he's in the Russian mob".

I haven't heard anything regarding Panaccio's reply, but I imagine it went something like, "UH HOOOO! Watch it there. I'll make ya face more red than my grandmotha's meatballs!"