Michael DeNicola


About an hour ago, Flyers beat writer, Tim Panaccio gave us the 4-1-1 on what's keeping Wayne Simmonds from being nailed down on Broad Street.

Problem is...after reading the report, we're still unclear what the hell's keeping the pen from inking a contract.

“We’re looking for common ground for Wayne and the Flyers,” Eustace King said. “Talking principles and where he fits. That’s my focus.”

Eustace isn't the name of a mythical wizard. He is currently Simmonds' agent. Panaccio tells us that according to two very reliable Flyers sources a signed deal is "soon" to happen, but Simmonds, King and Paul Holmgren aren't elaborating.

"Moving along", Homer says.

Thanks, Paul. That was about as vague as a doctor saying, "Here, take these pills for a week. You're sick," then walking out the office leaving you sitting there with your bare ass hanging out the back of that backless tarp the nurse handed you.

King added,

“I can’t comment on what happens in the future. We’re going to continue to have discussions with the Flyers. They have a first class organization. They do a great job. They’ve been very competitive and strong over the last couple of years, one of the best teams in the National Hockey League.

"We’ll continue to see where this takes us,” King said. “Continue to better understand what their thoughts and visions of Wayne are and they will have a better understanding of what our thoughts are and what the landscape is for him in the future.”

So we're right back where we started before we read the news update. Things don't sound bad, but this also doesn't sound like business has advanced since we scored the 23-year old right wing two weeks ago.

Wayne's prior entry level contract with bonuses was worth $1.755 Mil in 3-years. Panaccio mentioned how Los Angeles dished Simmonds a qualifying offer before he was dealt to Philadelphia. So perhaps that QO set up some sort of basis for Simmonds that the Flyers are indirectly trying to compete with?

Again, no one truly knows the details outside the Flyers war room.