Michael DeNicola


Before you jump up my ass for the article's cover photo, please note that it is only a reflection of how I feel at the moment.

Being a fan of the Flyers means I'm capable of only one thing; watching the Flyers. 

I can't motivate from the bench or in the locker rooms. I can't lead by example on the ice by scoring, hitting or giving 110% effort. I can't pick and choose my lines and decide when to give them their reps. 

All I can do is sit. Watch. Shake my head. And - simply put - observe one of the more hopeful seasons I can remember disappear before my very eyes in a disgraceful, disgusting excuse for a hockey game. 


After going down 2-goals to none only 1:03 into the 1st period, our Philadelphia Flyers made absolutely zero crack to comeback. The tilt was already over in its fetal stage. We just didn't know it yet. 

As the misery dragged on, the Boston Bruins punished the Flyers on the score board and the hitting department. Blurs of black & gold streaked across the television set, coming in focus once their target was brutally eliminated.

Kris Versteeg got his ass trumped a few feet behind Philadelphia's blue line by a barreling Daniel Paille deep in the 1st which seemed to set Boston's physical tone for the remainder of regulation. Instead of getting the disc out of our zone, Versteeg accepted a pass off the boards, mind-numbingly stopped his advancement up the ice and took a textbook blow off the puck. 

It was an embarrassing moment for a city's team nicknamed "The Broad Street Bullies". 


From then on it was nothing but Bruin goal after Bruin goal. They seemed to shower like shovels full of dirt ontop of a murdered mafia member sunk in an unmarked grave. 

The reactions from the Philadelphia bench was that of a conquered army. And I use the term "conquered" very loosely here, because in order to conquer an adversary there must be a time period filled with some sort of stuggle coming from the lesser opposition. 

The Flyers didn't struggle. They hemorrhaged like a lifeless soldier cut down by a hail of gunfire. 


Yesterday I wrote that Game 3 was Do Or Die even though losing the match did not technically mean being eliminated from playoff contention. However I still stand by those words. This may seem like Deja Vu to a handful of you, but make no mistake...

...this is not last year's team. 

This is certainly not last year's Boston Bruins either. If you think Tim Thomas is going to allow four unanswered games slip by him during this unbelievable Hall of Fame season he's having....well then hats off to you and your faith. 

The Flyers had a chance to answer after going down 2 - 0 in this series. Especially since they had a lot of positives and momentum from Game 2 heading to Beantown. Instead, we see another goalie change. We see another piss poor defensive effort. We see another unmotivated offensive front. We see a final score, 5 - 1. 

(Meszaros spared us from being shutout....again)


Time to play the Blame Game

After having every 8-month old high expectation wrenched from your gullet in a matter of 60-minutes, fans tend to look for the person to point the finger to. 

I'm human. So I was doing the same thing. Only I don't have enough fingers. 

When the final second clicked off the game clock my mind was racked with emotions. My mission was to consolidate them all and form one argument. But the fact of the matter is, this humiliation hangs heavy on every pair of shoulders in the organization. 

I blame.....everyone. 

Where was the leadership? Where was the drive? Do these pricks even want the Cup? What kind of coaching is that? How many effing times can you fail to pass the puck before you learn it may have been better to put the puck on net in the first place? Why is it that season after season teams have shown by example that a proper #1 goaltender WINS YOU GAMES but our front office habitually shrugs it off like dandruff? How many times can you give the same postgame excuse before it cannot even be labeled an excuse any longer? How do you explain this team's depth in the talent pool, yet its prominence in failed execution?

The list of questions can go on and on and on.


But still, the fact remains that this season is still not over yet....in principle. So I'll cut the head off this blame game and save it for when it's time to take off the gloves.