By:Kyle Frey @Phillyfan_KFrey

What a game eh? With the Flyers coming home leading 2-0 against the Pens you knew it'd be a wild crowd and probably a wild game at the WFC, don't think anybody predicted it to be this wild. Fight after fight, cheap shot after cheap shot, and another high scoring game making this series look like it should've took place in the 80's. The Pens jumped out to another early 1-0 lead on a goal by Jordan Staal. The Flyers though wouldn't look back from there on, Max Talbot got one by Marc Andre Fleury who let in another bad goal as the Flyers tied the game at one. Then Mr.Playoffs struck again as Danny Briere scored a powerplay goal to give the Flyers the lead. Briere would score again just about 3 minutes later on a great pass from Wayne Simmonds. James Neal would score to make it a 1 goal game but the Flyers would come right back as just 23 seconds later Matt Read made it 4-2 going into the second period.

Now for the fight recap of the 1st period. It was a period filled with cheap shots thrown by the Pens and especially by Sidney Crosby. After the first goal by Talbot, the Pens were going after Talbot a bit and Hartnell came in to the aid of him and chaos ensued. Giroux and Crosby got into it a few times and ended up "fighting" the Pens star after Crosby took some slashes at the glove of Bryzgalov. Which turned out to be more of a wrestling match. Then Crosby went after Kimmo Timonen, who pretty much never fights, then took on Giroux for the "fight" I just mentioned. Kimmo ended up taking on Kris Letang who obviously wins that fight. Then came one of the most disgusting acts of the playoffs so far as after a clean hit by Brayden Schenn, Aaron Asham, the former Flyer, cross checked Schenn in the neck and then to be even more of a scumbag, punches Schenn in the head while he's down on the ice.

In the 2nd period the fighting died down and the scoring kept on going, the Pens struck first as Neal netted his 2nd of the game but about 4 minutes later Matt Read got a great pass from Jaromir Jagr and put a one timer by Fleury. Jordan Staal would get another goal for Pittsburgh as it was a 1 goal game again. From there on though, The Flyers took control, Wayne Train scored a beautiful breakaway goal to give the Flyers another 2 goal lead.

In the 3rd, the Flyers kept on going, just 27 seconds in Jagr protected the puck brilliantly and got it to Giroux for a one timer that put the Flyers up 7-4. Then came James Neal the head hunter. His first blow was a hit on Flyers rookie Sean Couturier, leaving his feet and obviously aiming for Coots's head. Then just shortly after, Neal went head hunting on Giroux which started another brawl.Then came Schenn vs Crosby, while Schenn was trying to fight, the ref was trying to break it up, and Crosby stands there laughing like he's this big time tough guy and acting like Schenn is afraid of him. After that died down, Simmonds challenged Neal which the refs broke up. Then Crosby decides to pull on the back of Hartnell's jersey and then of course needs Craig Adams to come in and fight Hartsy for Crosby, they fight, and Adams shows how tough he is by pulling the hair of Hartnell. As Hartsy went off the ice he pumped up the crowd like he always does.

Now while all of that was going on, two players you know would've loved to get out there were trying to as Zac Rinaldo and Simmonds were trying to get on the ice and had to be held back by Craig Berube. Max Talbot, the former Pen fittingly, finished off the game as he got his second of the game to make it 8-4. What happened in that game was a disgrace, I love brawls, but not brawls started by cheap shots like what the Pens pulled in that game, Pens fans should be ashamed of what went on yesterday.

With all of that said, the Flyers have to focus on game 4 on Wednesday, they have a chance to sweep a team that many thought would roll through the young Flyers. 13 more knock knocks Flyers fans, and hopefully 12 after Wednesday. LET'S GO FLYERS!