Philly Reign Staff

It's been a long eight months of NHL action, but we are now at the proverbial end of the road. Congratulations to the Vancouver Canucks, Presidents Trophy and Campbell Trophy winners. Congratulations are also in order for the Prince of Wales Trophy winners, the Boston Bruins.

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As far as our picks from the conference championships are concerned, Joe has once again taken the top spot by correctly predicting both winners. Mike and I had a split decision, while poor Tim once again struck out. Let's see how we all look so far this post season:

Joe: 11-3 | Tyler: 7-7 | Mike: 7-7 | Tim: 5-9

Again, I'd like to stress the "poor Tim" factor. But then again, there is no science to these picks, nor is there any rhyme or reason to them either.

We've thought about these picks long and hard. Without further adieu, our "expert" picks for the Stanley Cup Finals. Best of luck to both teams.


Stanley Cup Finals: 1W Vancouver Canucks v. 3E Boston Bruins


Joe: Two Vezinza candidates battle for the right to hoist Lord Stanley. Roberto Luongo has played his best hockey in years and I believe it has to do with him winning his gold medal in last year's Olympics. The backup for the U.S. team last season was Tim Thomas, who hopes to vault his team to victory. He will need help from the 6'9" Chara for any hope against the high-flying Canucks. I see Vancouver winning the series (their first ever) and the first Canadian to hoist it since Montreal in 1993. Canucks in 7.


Tyler: Every single time Canada has hosted the Olympics their respective city has won the Cup the following year. While I don't believe in superstition so much, I do believe that the Canucks are simply built better than the Bruins. Is the latter team a huge underdog? Certainly not. The Bruins' goaltending and defense has been phenomenal. But Vancouver's firepower seems stronger, and Roberto Luongo has been just as well as Thomas since the weight of captaincy was lifted off his shoulders. Canada will receive it's first Stanley Cup in 18 years. Canucks in 6.


Mike: Tim Thomas may be one lucky floundering bag of unorthodox netminding, but the old man gets it done. However, I believe Vancouver's offensive will be able to use this against him with incredible puck movement. The Canucks simply have a better, quicker passing game and snipers. Mix that with Luongo's consistent jaw-dropping performances between the pipes and you've got the Cup headin' back to Canada.....finally. Canucks in 6.


Tim: Despite the fact that everyone thinks Boston is a one-man team (Tim Thomas), there is a reason they are in the Finals. As I stated in previous articles, Boston is the most complete team in the Eastern Conference. However, Vancouver’s offense will be too much for Boston’s stellar defense to handle. And despite evidence towards the contrary, Thomas is in fact human. Although I’d like to see Vancouver in 4, it will take the Canucks 6 to hoist Lord Stanley for the first time ever. Canucks in 6.