Tyler J. Altemose

The Pittsburgh Penguins have been mowing through the competition lately, as they currently hold a league-leading 11-game win streak. They'll hold onto first place for at least another week. In other news, some familiar faces are back in the top ten. How did your team fare this past week?





Pittsburgh Penguins

Current Rank: 1 | Previous Rank: 1 | +/-0

The National Guard is going to have to be called out, because soon nothing will be able to contain Sidney Crosby and the Penguins.


Montreal Canadiens

Current Rank: 2 | Previous Rank: 5 | +3

With a little help from Carey Price, the Habs outscored their opponents 12-3 this week. They have a secure hold on the Northeast division.


San Jose Sharks

Current Rank: 3 | Previous Rank: 9 | +6

Wednesday's contest at the Wells Fargo Center is a classic example of stealing victory from the jaws of defeat. No pun intended with the "jaws" comment.


Washington Capitals

Current Rank: 4 | Previous Rank: 2 | -2

Three straight losses for the second time this season.



Vancouver Canucks

Current Rank: 5 | Previous Rank: 3 | -2

Short week for the 'Nucks who took on a couple of Central division opponents at home this week.


Dallas Stars

Current Rank: 6 | Previous Rank: 10 | +4

The Stars continue to gain points despite the sloppy end to the week.



Philadelphia Flyers

Current Rank: 7 | Previous Rank: 6 | -1

The Sharks continue their decade-long stranglehold on the Philadelphia Flyers organization.


Boston Bruins

Current Rank: 8 | Previous Rank: 13 | +5

Tim Thomas is the defensive version of Sidney Crosby this season.



Detroit Red Wings

Current Rank: 9 | Previous Rank: 4 | -5

The Wings are currently in their biggest slump of the season.



Chicago Blackhawks

Current Rank: 10 | Previous Rank: 11 | -1

The 'Hawks have experienced an ebb and flow in regards to being above .500 this season. They're back on the positive side of things this week.


Columbus Blue Jackets

Current Rank: 11 | Previous Rank: 8 | -3

A couple of close contests for the Jackets who spent this (short) week on the road.


Anaheim Ducks

Current Rank: 12 | Previous Rank: 7 | -5

Anaheim's scoring has hit a wall.



Atlanta Thrashers

Current Rank: 13 | Previous Rank: 21 | +8

The Thrashers saw their dreams of a franchise record for consecutive wins dashed by the Penguins. Still though, 8 wins in your last 9 contests is pretty darn good.


Phoenix Coyotes

Current Rank: 14 | Previous Rank: 19 | +5

The 'Yotes have been making a statement lately. In the past month they have just two regulation losses.


Los Angeles Kings

Current Rank: 15 | Previous Rank: 16 | +1

Back to back wins for the first time since 13 November.



St. Louis Blues

Current Rank: 16 | Previous Rank: 14 | -2

You know that lazy feeling you get after a nice, big Thanksgiving dinner? Well, apparently it's taken a week for that feeling to subside for the Blues. They recorded their first win since Turkey Day Wednesday night.


New York Rangers

Current Rank: 17 | Previous Rank: 20 | +3

The Rangers try to stay competitive with the Flyers and Penguins, winning 2 of 3 this week.


Ottawa Senators

Current Rank: 18 | Previous Rank: 12 | -6

The Senators have just 5 wins in the past month.



Nashville Predators

Current Rank: 19 | Previous Rank: 24 | +5

Going an entire month with just three regulation losses is one way to turn things around.


Colorado Avalanche

Current Rank: 20 | Previous Rank: 15 | -5

Neither the Avalanche nor their goaltending tandem has been steady since late-November.


Tampa Bay Lightning

Current Rank: 21 | Previous Rank: 18 | -3

The Lightning's recent play is giving critics of the Southwest division fire power for their "this is a one horse town" argument.


Florida Panthers

Current Rank: 22 | Previous Rank: 23 | +1

The Panthers are just two games below .500 after this week. Not bad for a team in the process of rebuilding.


Carolina Hurricanes

Current Rank: 23 | Previous Rank: 17 | -6

The 'Canes haven't had back-to-back wins in over a month.


Buffalo Sabres

Current Rank: 24 | Previous Rank: 26 | +2

The Sabres have received points in three straight games for the first time since mid-November.


Edmonton Oilers

Current Rank: 25 | Previous Rank: 28 | +3

The Oilers had a (rare) four-game winning streak snapped by the Ducks on Tuesday evening.


Toronto Maple Leafs

Current Rank: 26 | Previous Rank: 27 | +1

The Leafs tried out winning to see what it's like but quickly decided they didn't like it.


Minnesota Wild

Current Rank: 27 | Previous Rank: 22 | -5

Five straight losses. Not good, Minny.



Calgary Flames

Current Rank: 28 | Previous Rank: 25 | -3

The Flames are starting to speckle some wins in here and there.



New York Islanders

Current Rank: 29 | Previous Rank: 29 | +/-0

The Islanders have 53 goals this season. Sidney Crosby has 50 points. Put that into perspective for a moment.


New Jersey Devils

Current Rank: 30 | Previous Rank: 30 | +/-0

This time last season the Devils had 41 points, sitting second in the Eastern Conference. Flash forward to today, and the New Jersey Devils sit in 14th with just 18 points.