Tyler J. Altemose


The Vancouver Canucks took over last week's power rankings. This week the continued to dominate the competition, thus extending their reign. How did the other 29 teams do? Let's check it out.




Vancouver Canucks

Current Rank: 1 | Previous Rank: 1 | +/-0

Another sweep, another week at the top.



Detroit Red Wings

Current Rank: 2 | Previous Rank: 6 | +4

What a phenomenal week on the road!



Pittsburgh Penguins

Current Rank: 3 | Previous Rank: 2 | -1

This wasn't a good week for Sidney Crosby and those other guys that play on his team.


Dallas Stars

Current Rank: 4 | Previous Rank: 3 | -1

Ah, the inevitable bump in the road...



Washington Capitals

Current Rank: 5 | Previous Rank: 8 | +3

Let me tell you, this team knows how to finish strong each week despite its slow starts.


Philadelphia Flyers

Current Rank: 6 | Previous Rank: 4 | -2

Literally only one game for the Fly Guys this week, and it certainly wasn't one to remember.


San Jose Sharks

Current Rank: 7 | Previous Rank: | 5 | -2

Just when you think they got that goaltending situation figured out, Nitty and Niemi go and alllow 5 goals each over the course of the Sharks' three games this week.


Boston Bruins

Current Rank: 8 | Previous Rank: 10 | +2

The Bruins swept the competition this week with wins over some Southeast division foes.


New York Rangers

Current Rank: 9 | Previous Rank: 12 | +3

This Rangers squad continues to exceed expectations as of late, staying competitive in the Atlantic with the ever-powerful Penguins and Flyers.


Atlanta Thrashers

Current Rank: 10 | Previous Rank: 7 | -3

Ouch. The Thrashers were swept by the competition this week.



Chicago Blackhawks

Current Rank: 11 | Previous Rank: 11 | +/-0

A short and rather uneventful week for the 'Hawks.



Los Angeles Kings

Current Rank: 12 | Previous Rank: 13 | +1

Solid goaltending and offensive strength was the story for the better part of this week for the Kings.


Montreal Canadiens

Current Rank: 13 | Previous Rank: 9 | -4

Poor showing on the road from the Habs this week.



Colorado Avalanche

Current Rank: 14 | Previous Rank 14 | +/-0

This short week was one to forget for the Avs.



Tampa Bay Lightning

Current Rank: 15 | Previous Rank: 17 | +2

The Bolts were on the winning side of extra time this week. They continue to climb in the standings.


Anaheim Ducks

Current Rank: 16 | Previous Rank: 15 | -1

Not much to say about the Ducks' short week on the road.



St. Louis Blues

Current Rank: 17 | Previous Rank: 19 | +2

It's been about a month since it last happened, but the Blues have won three in a row.


Phoenix Coyotes

Current Rank: 18 | Previous Rank: 18 | +/-0

Win, loss, win, loss...



Nashville Predators

Current Rank: 19 | Previous Rank: 16 | -3

An anemic offense and shaky goaltending led to the Preds being swept this week.


Carolina Hurricanes

Current Rank: 20 | Previous Rank: 21 | +1

The 'Canes brushed off a couple of frustrating losses and finished the week strong.


Columbus Blue Jackets

Current Rank: 21 | Previous Rank: 20 | -1

At least they got a win in the shootout this week.



Florida Panthers

Current Rank: 22 | Previous Rank: 23 | +1

Three out of four points in a short week isn't bad.



Ottawa Senators

Current Rank: 23 | Previous Rank: 22 | -1

Hey, look at that. The dark horse kicks once more.



Minnesota Wild

Current Rank: 24 | Previous Rank: 24 | +/-0

Pretty decent week for the Wild.



New York Islanders

Current Rank: 25 | Previous Rank: 26 | +1

The Isles won three of their four games this week. Yeah, it's best if you let that sink in.


Buffalo Sabres

Current Rank: 26 | Previous Rank: 25 | -1

I remember picking this team to win the Northeast. Boy, was that a mistake or what?


Calgary Flames

Current Rank: 27 | Previous Rank: 29 | +2

The Flames are showing signs of life.



Toronto Maple Leafs

Current Rank: 28 | Previous Rank: 27 | -1

When the Leafs have a short week it's almost better to not say anything at all.


Edmonton Oilers

Current Rank: 29 | Previous Rank: 28 | -1

Yet another week of being swept by the competition for the Oilers.



New Jersey Devils

Current Rank: 30 | Previous Rank: 30 | +/-0

The Devils are by far the most terrible team in the NHL in every conceivable way.