Tyler J. Altemose



With a full week of hockey under our belts, this is how the league looks to me. Now, this isn't your regular standings chart, so don't complain that so-and-so has more points than so-and-so, yadda yadda yadda. If you want that you can check TSN. My power rankings take other things besides points into consideration such as record, team strength, level of competition, score of individual games, number of games played, and other random variables. You might like what you see and you might not. I try my best to be objective. Please feel free to discuss!


Toronto Maple Leafs 3-0-0

Current Rank - 1, Previous Rank - 26

Their record shows that they're the best team in the league right now. They're playing like it, too.


St. Louis Blues 2-0-0

Current Rank - 2, Previous Rank - 14

After winning their home opener against the Flyers in stellar OT fashion, the Blues pumped it into an even higher gear and put up one of their most dominating performances in team history against the Anaheim Ducks.


Detroit Red Wings 2-0-1

Current Rank - 3, Previous Rank - 5

5 out of a possible 6 points? Not bad considering the average age on this team is 31 years.


Philadelphia Flyers 2-0-1

Current Rank - 4, Previous Rank - 10

Goaltending problem? What goaltending problem? The tandem of Sergei Bobrovsky and Brian Boucher is carrying this team on their shoulders. Oh, and Chris Pronger is back. Good luck, Eastern Conference!


Washington Capitals 3-1-0

Current Rank - 5, Previous Rank - 4

They got tripped up for the season opener then quickly reminded everyone why they have the best offense in the league.


Nashville Predators 2-0-0

Current Rank - 6, Previous Rank - 11

The Preds are off to a hot start. Just shy of a top 5 performance.


Edmonton Oilers 2-0-0

Current Rank - 7, Previous Rank - 29

A fantastic start for a team I'll admit I have my doubts about.


Dallas Stars 2-0-0

Current Rank - 8, Previous Rank - 25

2 for 2 on the road? Sure it took extra time, but the Dallas Stars got the job done nonetheless.


Tampa Bay Lightning 2-0-0

Current Rank - 9, Previous Rank - 15

Starting the season off undefeated is one way to win that three-way race for second place in the Southeast.


Carolina Hurricanes 2-0-0

Current Rank - 10, Previous Rank - 20

Undefeated? Yes. However, doing it against a weak Minnesota team is far less impressive when your division rival is beating better competition.


San Jose Sharks 1-0-1

Current Rank - 11, Previous Rank - 8

The Sharks lost at the Tank!?!? On their home opener!? To the Blue Jackets!?!?


Calgary Flames 1-1-0

Current Rank - 12, Previous Rank - 12

They took the beating handed to them by the Oilers and passed it off to the Kings.


Colorado Avalanche 2-1-0

Current Rank - 13, Previous Rank - 17

This young squad looked like it could have been perhaps the first team in NHL history to beat the respective defending conference champions in back to back games. Then they beat the Wings. This team is proving that they deserve to make the playoffs.


Los Angeles Kings 2-1-0

Current Rank - 14, Previous Rank - 2

2-1-0 isn't bad, but considering the expectations they should be doing much better.


Vancouver Canucks 1-1-1

Current Rank - 15, Previous Rank - 1

This is not Presidents Trophy-winning material here.


New York Islanders 1-1-1

Current Rank - 16, Previous Rank - 24

Enjoy those NY bragging rights while you got 'em, Isles! Nice performances this week from a team that many expected to be hindered by injuries.


Columbus Blue Jackets 1-1-0

Current Rank - 17, Previous Rank - 23

Hey, look at those Jackets keeping pace with a strong Western Conference team. Keep up the good work, boys. Remember: baby steps.


Boston Bruins 1-1-0

Current Rank - 18, Previous Rank - 16

I'm just sittin' here, waiting for their offense to improve...


Phoenix Coyotes 1-1-0

Current Rank - 19, Previous Rank - 13

It's much harder when you can't fly under the radar anymore isn't it, 'Yotes?


Montreal Canadiens 1-1-1

Current Rank - 20, Previous Rank - 18

All three of their contests were decided by one point. Expect their goaltender to keep them in this thing.....Oh wait, what's that? ... THEY TRADED HALAK?!


New York Rangers 1-1-0

Current Rank - 21, Previous Rank - 27

Fourth in the Atlantic and 11th in the East? Expect more of the same throughout the season. Someone needs to make sure Lundqvist doesn't get a chance to get near the bottle. We don't need two Khabis in the league.


Atlanta Thrashers 1-2-0

Current Rank - 22, Previous Rank - 21

Apparently Chicago traded away too much talent to the Thrashers.


Chicago Blackhawks 1-2-1

Current Rank - 23, Previous Rank - 19

Things are going pretty much as I expected so far.


Pittsburgh Penguins 1-2-1

Current Rank - 24, Previous Rank - 7

Flyers fans are crossing their fingers that the Penguins go 0-41 at home this season. They're well on their way.


New Jersey Devils 1-3-0

Current Rank - 25, Previous Rank - 3

The Devils currently don't have money, enough players, or many points. Two of the three came with an OT win against a Sabres team that is also struggling out the gate.


Buffalo Sabres 1-2-1

Current Rank - 26, Previous Rank - 6

The only points this team gets for me this week is for their awesome jerseys.


Anaheim Ducks 1-3-0

Current Rank - 27, Previous Rank - 22

This team is completely underperforming. They need to turn things around quickly, especially considering that the rest of the division is doing well so far.


Minnesota Wild 0-1-1

Current Rank - 28, Previous Rank - 28

This team is going to spend more time in the basement than a...than a...wow, I really could use Mike on this one.


Ottawa Senators 0-2-1

Current Rank - 29, Previous Rank - 9

Well at least my dark horse in the West is off to a good start. Right?


Florida Panthers 0-2-0

Current Rank - 30, Previous Rank - 30

Keep rebuilding, Dave.