Tyler J. Altemose

Isn't it refreshing to change things up every once and a while? Well, that's what's up with this week's Power Rankings. There's a new sheriff in town, folks. Which team is it? Well, that's for you to read about. Without further adieu...





Detroit Red Wings

Current Rank: 1 | Previous Rank: 4 | +3

The Wings have fought through injury to stay right there in the thick of things atop the West. This week, they dominated on the road. Hello, top of the rankings!



Philadelphia Flyers

Current Rank: 2 | Previous Rank: 2 | +/-0

The Flyers slipped up a bit this week, but not as much as their top-seeded Western Conference counterpart.




Vancouver Canucks

Current Rank: 3 | Previous Rank: 1 | -2

Tough week for the 'Nucks. Their only win came against the struggling Stars.




Boston Bruins

Current Rank: 4 | Previous Rank: 8 | +4

The Bruins started off their road streak perfectly, going 3-0-0 so far.




New Jersey Devils

Current Rank: 5 | Previous Rank: 5 | +/-0

The Devils continue to roll. They may still be a ways from playoff positioning, but the Power Rankings are out there to show which teams are hot in any particular week. The Devils are top five for sure.



San Jose Sharks

Current Rank: 6 | Previous Rank: 9 | +3

The Sharks responded to back-to-back losses with four straight wins.




Minnesota Wild

Current Rank: 7 | Previous Rank: 7 | +/-0

The Wild kept on top of their game this week, not allowing mroe than one goal per game in regulation.




Calgary Flames

Current Rank: 8 | Previous Rank: 3 | -5

The Flames had a short week and were cooled off by the Bruins.





Tampa Bay Lightning

Current Rank: 9 | Previous Rank: 6 | -3

Another "so-so" week and a 5-2-3 record in their past 10 games isn't sufficient to hold the Southeast division for very long.




Washington Capitals

Current Rank: 10 | Previous Rank: 12 | +2

The Caps are slowly but surely creeping up on the Lightning.





Phoenix Coyotes

Current Rank: 11 | Previous Rank: 11 | +/-0

The Bryzgalov starting streak has ended at 19. The 'Yotes continue to play great hockey.




Chicago Blackhawks

Current Rank: 12 | Previous Rank: 16 | +4

Solid week for the reigning Cup champions.





Los Angeles Kings

Current Rank: 13 | Previous Rank: 10 |-3

The road was not so kind to the Kings this week.





Nashville Predators

Current Rank: 14 | Previous Rank: 14 | +/-0

The Preds had a rough end to their week.





Anaheim Ducks

Current Rank: 15 | Previous Rank: 13 | -2

This is not the time for a three-game losing streak, Anaheim.





Pittsburgh Penguins

Current Rank: 16 | Previous Rank: 15 | -1

The Pens are now 3-5-2 in their past 10 games. They certainly can't afford to drop the ball this late in the season.




Montreal Canadiens

Current Rank: 17 | Previous Rank: 18 | +1

The Canadiens need to brush up on their road game.





Buffalo Sabres

Current Rank: 18 | Previous Rank: 17 | -1

The Sabres hit a bit of a bump in the road to the playoffs this week. They can't afford any more weeks like this.




New York Islanders

Current Rank: 19 | Previous Rank: 22 | +3

Even the Islanders are 7-3-0 in their past 10 games!





Columbus Blue Jackets

Current Rank: 20 | Previous Rank: 20 | +/-0

A short but very successful week for the Jackets. They're 7-2-1 in their past 10 games and are doing a great job of making up lost ground.




Toronto Maple Leafs

Current Rank: 21 | Previous Rank: 19 | -2

The Leafs hit a bit of a scoring snag this week, but their goaltending was able to help them snatch up 3 of 4 points.




New York Rangers

Current Rank: 22 | Previous Rank: 26 | +4

The Rangers are thanking Mr. Lundqvist this week for the four points they received.




Carolina Hurricanes

Current Rank: 23 | Previous Rank: 24 | +1

When I think about the 'Canes, all I think about is a tight rope walker balancing their way from one skyscraper to another. This team knows how to play on the edge.




St. Louis Blues

Current Rank: 24 | Previous Rank: 27 | +3

This was certainly not a good week by the Blues by any stretch of the imagination. Still though, 9 goals against the Ducks is pretty impressive.




Ottawa Senators

Current Rank: 25 | Previous Rank: 28 | +3

They didn't exactly have any tough competition this week, but the Sens still looked solid nonetheless.




Edmonton Oilers

Current Rank: 26 | Previous Rank: 29 | +3

This week was the Oilers' best week I've seen in quite some time.





Atlanta Thrashers

Current Rank: 27 | Previous Rank: 25 | -2

Three straight road losses brings the Thrashers to 2-7-1 in their past 10 games. Stick a fork in 'em.




Dallas Stars

Current Rank: 28 | Previous Rank: 23 | -5

This (short) week brings you regulation losses number four and five in a row. This is absolutely disappointing.




Florida Panthers

Current Rank: 29 | Previous Rank: 21 | -8

It's taken the better part of the season, but we're all seeing now what a "rebuilding year" looks like.




Colorado Avalanche

Current Rank: 30 | Previous Rank: 30 | +/-0

The Avs managed to get a win this week. It's their first in nearly a month.