Tyler J. Altemose

It took them a couple of weeks, but the Vancouver Canucks have once again reestablished their dominance over the league. It's part of a movement that has a bunch of the West teams in the top ten, with not as much Eastern Conference representation. Perhaps this will respark the conference debate--which is better? Without further adieu...





Vancouver Canucks

Current Rank: 1 | Previous Rank: 2 | +1

The Canucks have now won 12 of their past 15 games. Welcome back to the top, Vancouver.




Los Angeles Kings

Current Rank: 2 | Previous Rank: 9 | +7

The Kings are 8-1-1 in their past 10 games. That is how you make the playoffs, folks!




Washington Capitals

Current Rank: 3 | Previous Rank: 1 | -2

Their reign atop the rankings may be over, but this team is far from ready to lie down at this point in the game.




Phoenix Coyotes

Current Rank: 4 | Previous Rank: 4 | +/-0

Another solid week from Bryzgalov and Co.





San Jose Sharks

Current Rank: 5 | Previous Rank: 2 | -3

It was a short week for the Sharks. The results weren't too shabby.





Anaheim Ducks

Current Rank: 6 | Previous Rank: 7 | +1

Solid effort from the Ducks this week. They're proving to be true contenders.




Boston Bruins

Current Rank: 7 | Previous Rank: 13 | +6

The Bruins re-asserted their dominance this week. They outscored their opponents 12-2.




Buffalo Sabres

Current Rank: 8 | Previous Rank: 10 | +2

This Sabres squad is absolutely unbelievable.





Nashville Predators

Current Rank: 9 | Previous Rank: 11 | +2

You can't complain when your only loss of the week comes at the hands of the Canucks. I'm very impressed by this Predators team.




Pittsburgh Penguins

Current Rank: 10 | Previous Rank: 12 | +2

Yep. I knew it was only a matter of time until these guys made yet another push. Yadda, yadda, yadda, Dan Bylsma for coach of the year.




Chicago Blackhawks

Current Rank: 11 | Previous Rank: 5 | -6

The Blackhawks slipped up this week behind backup net minder Cory Crawford.




New York Rangers

Current Rank: 12 | Previous Rank: 6 | -6

What a low scoring week for the Rangers. Good thing their goaltending is up to par!




Detroit Red Wings

Current Rank: 13 | Previous Rank: 8 | -5

More sloppy play from the Wings. They're 5-3-2 in their past 10, including an absolutely crushing loss (10-3) to the Blues. Yikes!




Philadelphia Flyers

Current Rank: 14 | Previous Rank: 14 | +/-0

Overall, strictly in terms of points, the Flyers are improving. Still though, there is lingering concern about this squad.




Tampa Bay Lightning

Current Rank: 15 | Previous Rank: 16 | +1

This week saw improvement for the Lightning. Once again, you gotta give Stevie Y. credit for getting this squad together.





Carolina Hurricanes

Current Rank: 16 | Previous Rank: 20 | +4

The Hurricanes are making quite a push for the playoffs. My guess is that their fate is decided after game 82.




Toronto Maple Leafs

Current Rank: 17 | Previous Rank: 18 | +1

"Optimus Reim' as they call goaltender James Reimer, will get this team back into the playoffs--just not this season.




Montreal Canadiens

Current Rank: 18 | Previous Rank: 15 | -3

When the only team you can manage to beat is the Atlanta Thrashers, things look pretty down. Do the Canadiens make the playoffs, or do they choke?




Ottawa Senators

Current Rank: 19 | Previous Rank: 23 | +4

This is three or four weeks in a row now where the Senators haven't looked half bad. Where was that effort in the first half?




St. Louis Blues

Current Rank: 20 | Previous Rank: 25 | +5

This was the best week the Blues have had in a while. A shootout loss against the Wild was the only thing keeping them from a perfect week.




Minnesota Wild

Current Rank: 21 | Previous Rank: 24 | +3

The Wild split a home-and-home with the Blues this week. If it weren't for the fact that they were from Minnesota, I'd say no one cared.




Calgary Flames

Current Rank: 22 | Previous Rank: 22 | +/-0

It was a short, unproductive week for the Flames who may or may not find themseves on the outside looking in once the playoffs start.




Dallas Stars

Current Rank: 23 | Previous Rank: 19 | -4

It was a short, forgetful week for the Stars. They're gonna miss the playoffs by the slimmest fo margins. A sad stort for a team once seeded third in the conference.




Atlanta Thrashers

Current Rank: 24 | Previous Rank: 27 | +3

Mixed results for the Thrashers this week, which is actually an improvement come to think of it.




New Jersey Devils

Current Rank: 25 | Previous Rank: 21 | -4

...and back to the depth of the doldrums for the Devils. How anticlimactic.




New York Islanders

Current Rank: 26 | Previous Rank: 17 | -9

Three straight losses, and down to the bottom 1/3 of the rankings.





Florida Panthers

Current Rank: 27 | Previous Rank: 30 | +3

The Panthers got swept this week, but they at least got some points out of the effort.




Columbus Blue Jackets

Current Rank: 28 | Previous Rank: 26 | -2

The Blue Jackets are 3-7-5 in their past 15 games. 'Nuff said.




Colorado Avalanche

Current Rank: 29 | Previous Rank: 28 | -1

Ah, yes. Another week of being swept in regulation.





Edmonton Oilers

Current Rank: 30 | Previous Rank: 29 | -1

No matter how badly the Avs have been playing, the Oilers are still worse.